35 Amazing DIY Projects That Might Leave You In Awe

Published 1 month ago

In the vast landscape of the internet, communities that celebrate creativity and craftsmanship stand out as beacons of inspiration. One such niche yet vibrant corner is the ‘Craft It‘ subreddit, where creative individuals from around the world come together to share their latest arts and crafts endeavors.

This online haven serves as a virtual gallery where makers, artists, and hobbyists alike can showcase their projects, exchange ideas, and revel in the joy of creation. Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Craft It’ subreddit, exploring its diverse community and the wealth of artistic expression it fosters.

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#1 I Crocheted With Copper Wire To Make This Labradorite Necklace

Image source: Buffyferry

#2 Big Wave. My Oil Painting On Canvas

Image source: PrusRuslan

#3 Some Needle Felted Pet Replicas I’ve Made Throughout The Year ?

Image source: TwoFeltedFox

#4 Made This Octopus String Art For My Mom For Mother’s Day. She’d Been Wanting It For Years. I’m So Excited To Give It To Her!

Image source: sabrinawho2

#5 Made A Wood Resin Comb

Image source: emily3289

#6 I’m A Bee-Enthusiast Who Learned To Crochet Last Week. I’ve Crocheted About 20 Of These In 5 Days And My Wife Is About To Hide My Hook

Image source: Yo7454

#7 I Have A Friend Who Told Me She Hated Christmas Wreaths, And Well, I Couldn’t Let That Go Unchallenged. She Happens To Have A Great Affection For Valais Black-Nosed Sheep, So Last Night I Presented Her With This. Safe To Say She No Longer Hates All Wreaths!

Image source: DaisyDee13

#8 Sea Glass Cacti I Made In Tiffany Stained Glass Technique. Round Ones Are Also Candle Holders. Flowers Are Removable

Image source: seastainedglass

#9 Something Different To Top My Tree This Year. I Wonder If My Relatives Will Notice.?

Image source: tabloach

#10 I Made A Giant Tampon Body Pillow With Optional Bloody Cover, For A 3D Design Assignment On Size

Image source: fwarrr

#11 Birch Trees, Watercolor By Me, 2021

Image source: sternyk

#12 Aurora Fox – Acrylic Painting On Wood Slice, What Do You Think?

Image source: KAndy91

#13 I Hand Stitched These Collars; My Dog Was Nice Enough To Model Them For Me!

Image source: mooersy

#14 Live Life In Full Colour!

Image source: frankieandsidney

#15 Anyone Want Free Bird Earrings? I’m Autistic And Make Them For Fun (Will Accept Donations For Materials And Shipping Tho.)

Image source: AutisticUnit2

#16 Homemade ‘Alien UFO Abduction’ Costume – How To Guide

Image source: motherofgrom

#17 Bassaba Flower Pot Basket

Image source: BlissGhanaMade

#18 Some Ceramic Face Cats I Make. They Will Be Magnets, Pins And Earrings

Image source: Hannahporcelain

#19 Made These Pendants Recently

Image source: ElinorCrystal

#20 Hand Embroidery I Made For My Family

Image source: Violently_Happy

#21 Classic Baby Monster Who Can’t Swim Just Yet

Image source: tabloach

#22 I Finished Making A New Hairpin. This Is A Carved Deer Antler

Image source: Top_Lifeguard_5408

#23 Harry Potter’s Patronus

Image source: emily3289

#24 I Made A Labradorite Leaf Arm Ring

Image source: Buffyferry

#25 Butterfly Brooch Embroidered By My Hands ??

Image source: Elit_brooch7

#26 I Hand Sewed My Halloween Costume This Year (1st Timer); How Did I Do Craftit?

Image source: mooersy

#27 Saw This Online And My Daughter Really Liked It, This Is The One I Made For Her Bedroom

Image source: electricmama4life

#28 Crochet Blanket I Made For My Son Who Likes To Wrap Up In Blankets And Then Toot

Image source: lissybear4

#29 “Sunset Embrace” – Acrylic Painting On A4 Canvas, Isn’t There Too Much Texture?

Image source: KAndy91

#30 This Is The First Suncatcher I Made. One More Is On The Way!

Image source: VitrolenaArt

#31 All That Cross Stitch And All I Got Was A Lousy Letter From The Princess

Image source: stiltbreaker

#32 Damn… My Latest Needlepoint Project

Image source: reddit.com

#33 Wybie Rad Doll . Handmade

Image source: MotherTomato1772

#34 Stargazer Lily Earrings. Made Of Baked Polymer Clay

Image source: Any_Wash_6310

#35 Vincent Van Gogh And Girl With A Pearl Earning String Art Portraits

Image source: polemos0108, polemos0108

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