Photographer Compares How Pros And Amateurs See The Same Location And The Difference Is Incredible

Published 6 years ago

Phillip Haumesser is an American photographer who began taking pictures in late 2015. He says beginning photographers always ask him how he finds such amazing locations for his pictures and his answer is: “Open your eyes, they’re all around you. You really don’t have to go anywhere.”

Phillip says one of the struggles of a beginner photographer is seeing the world in a different way. “We’ve all become so blind to the beauty around us that you have to retrain your brain to see things in a new way,” says the photographer. One of his biggest fears at first not finding the perfect location and having full control over the environment he’ll be shooting in. But that soon changed when he decided to let his clients choose the locations. “This would force me to find good spots on the spot the day of the session,” says Phillip.

He then discovered that almost any location can be a good location – “You just have to learn how to see it,” explained Phillip. Check out the gallery below to see how the locations the photographer shoots in look like and the way he sees them!

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