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Published 8 years ago

If there’s one type of garment that can be found in just about any closet around the globe, it’s definitely a good old pair of jeans. Since the very beginning, jeans have overruled the styling departments and left a significant mark on the fashion industry. From skinny jeans, baggy trousers up to boyfriend jeans and black denim, this must-have clothing item has managed to win the heart of every person, regardless of their gender, age and style preference. So what’s so special about this seemingly plain and regular pair of pants? Why are jeans perceived as the ultimate piece of clothing? Let’s find out.

History of Jeans

Looking way back at 1873, when the first pair of blue jeans was made, it seemed downright impossible to even imagine that these work overalls would become the No1 fashion item around the globe. Patented by Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada and Levi Strauss, an American businessman, the first blue jeans were designed for miners and cowboys, as they needed durable pants made from sturdy materials that could withstand hard work. Using denim and copper rivets to make them even stronger, they founded Levi Strauss & Co. which, soon enough, became the first company to manufacture blue jeans. As the years progressed, this garment started to gain popularity among teenagers, youth subculture of punk rock but also hippie and metal subcultures as well.

Present Day

So how did we come from work overalls up to embellished, stylish jeans we wear today? Well, we have the very charming James Dean to thank for that. After he popularized them in the movie “Rebel Without a Cause”, these sturdy denim pants became a symbol of rebellion. Soon enough, you could see everybody wearing blue jeans with new stylish modifications. Thus, washed out jeans, skinny jeans and other embellished kinds were born. But, it’s not just Dean that loved wearing this classic garment. The jeans hype is quite popular among today’s celebrities as well, and you can see Russell Brand, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss and many others rocking their favorite pair of jeans on a regular basis.

Why Do We Love Them?

While there are certainly other garments that are more practical, comfortable and flattering than regular jeans, it’s safe to say that this clothing item is everybody’s old-time favorite. Well, there are actually plenty of reasons to love jeans and one of the main reasons is definitely their versatility. Yes, jeans can be worn and combined with just about any other garment, meaning they can serve both as a casual or a formal piece of clothing. Other than that, jeans are known for their durability and sturdiness and they represent one of those items that can last for years. Lastly, it’s safe to say that today’s fashion industry has given us an endless array of stylish options, ensuring that anyone can find its match.

How to Choose a Good Pair?

Even with all the available options out there, many women face the eternal problem of finding the perfect pair for themselves. The key here is learning how to shop according to your body figure. Once you master this step, everything else will be a breeze. Of course, another frequent issue among women is finding the perfect model and then learning that they do not make it anymore. Fortunately, there’s a solution even for this issue, as these retro models can easily be found at online second hand shops. These stores hold a variety of second hand jeans that are original, unique and cannot be found in regular shops.

The never-out-of-style pair of jeans still manages to stay one of the top selling clothing items of all time. So, when in doubt, don’t hesitate to pull out your favorite pair and show the world your best denim outfit. From the olden days until today, the classic pair of jeans still remains the ultimate garment.

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Old jeans style

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