42 Opinions On Things That Need To Die Out In 2024

Published 7 months ago

While cancel culture and shaming have got a bad rep in public opinion as of late, it doesn’t prevent people from forming negative opinions on certain popular trends and people. 

So while people are trying to evolve to their highest self, there are some things that need to change in the effort to be the best version of ourselves according to Netizens. From politics to business ownership, nothing is safe as folks put forward a variety of opinions on the topic when one Redditor inquired online, “What needs to die out in 2024?”

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Image source: Korvas576, Breno Assis

Unaffordable housing prices


Image source: blazze_eternal, Magnus Mueller

Social media “challenges” to break the law or hurt people.


MAGA. Vote them out or be subjugated by these Christofascist loons.

Image source: Factsaretheonlytruth


Gun Violence

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Image source: fartypicklenuts, Studio Aolani

Pumping in more and more advertisements into…*everything*, even premium/paid monthly subscriptions/streaming. Sports are taking longer and longer due to more ads. More ads are being injected into everything.

It’s hard to imagine most ads are even effective at all. How many people have bought an item or service based on advertising? If anything it makes me more likely to not buy it, especially if the ad is particularly annoying or way overplayed.

Also, ad agencies used to put much more effort into ads/commercials. Commercials were never a good thing, but some used to be slightly funny or entertaining at least.


Conflicts that date back to the Bible

Image source: basahahn1


Lip and cheek injections – women are so beautiful yet they are trying so hard to look like filters. I truly wish they could be happy without that influence.

Image source: Educational_Tap4533


People that facetime over their phone speaker in public

Image source: Dull_War8714


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Image source: Redwoodcurtain8, Vlada Karpovich

“Accept all cookies” as the only option


Image source: StrikerAli, Magda Ehlers

Plastic pollution…


Influencers filming themselves “helping” others, you’re not helping them, you’re exploiting them for your own gain.

Image source: Andaz1


Image source: 999i666, lifesimply.rocks

Filming everything. Filming at the gym. Playing phone speakers out loud in public. Price gouging. Rent hikes. Stagnated wages.


Image source: get_alifer, Mike Von

EVERYTHING BEING CROPPED. Jesus christ i hate cropped things. If i find a cute shirt it’s cropped, cute jacket? it’s cropped. cute sweater? ITS CROPPED. i don’t care if people wear it but ITS EVERYWHERE.


Image source: currentlyatw0rk, Yoav Aziz

Still using covid as an excuse for everything going wrong. “We’re understaffed because of covid” “Prices are up because of covid” “We’re out of bread at the grocery store because covid affecting the suppliers” yea that last one was personal


Image source: stickman07738, kardashians

Kardashians – been going on for far too long.


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Image source: Chibibowa, Sam Dan Truong

Tipping culture


People being offended by everything and anything

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Image source: DespicablePancake, Pixabay

The inability of people to have common sense and be kind to one another.


Racism and mass shooters

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Getting bullied for having a different opinion

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Image source: rthomas10, Joakim Honkasalo

Lifetime politicians.


Image source: German8888888, Sofía Marquet

People who use their phone speakers in public


Image source: 5lippery6yp5y, Colin Lloyd

politicians being able to lie with impunity


Image source: misscrimson16x, Anthony DELANOIX

Celebrity worship


Image source: MyKinkyCountess, Polina Zimmerman

“back to the office” corporate nonsense



Image source: rudehead96


Image source: everneveragain, Austin Distel

Alpha male podcasts


Corrupt politicians and billionaires

Image source: Few_Recording2102


Cancel culture, specifically when it is about something that happened ages ago, at a time that behavior was not considered problematic

Image source: LaDiablaDeIlanda


Image source: 4inaroom, Andrea Piacquadio

Layoffs while CEOs get paid 300x the average employee and still get a raise 5x the % of the average employee as well.


The word unalive should unalive itself next year.

Image source: rydan


Image source: Heelgod, Chris Barbalis

Corporations owning everything. Bring back independant businesses


Image source: Wine_cheezits, Raylor Photo

Gender reveal parties where they start forest fires just to announce their unborn child’s gender like seriously, just send a text to everyone saying “it’s a boy/girl”


Image source: improperjack, Thirdman

The tumor cells in every cancer patient


Image source: Appropriate-Ad1242, Karolina Grabowska

Ridiculous cost of living



Image source: LegoGal


Image source: kingjasko96, Patrick Perkins

Greed, it’s the main reason for a lot of bad things currently happening on our planet.


Daylight Savings. The one thing everyone can agree on.

Image source: Superpe0n


Image source: kayton3000, Christin Hume

5 day work weeks

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