$25k Prize Winner Of ‘High Art’ Contest Has Just Been Announced, And Weed Like To See More

Published 6 years ago

‘High Art’ is an annual contest organized by Natural Cannabis Company and Juxtapoz, and it’s all about weed and art coming together. This year’s theme was ‘Freedom’ (and cannabis of course) giving the artist and absolute independence in deciding what this theme means to them and how can they translate it into their art pieces. Creators from all around the world participated in this incredible contest and on April 21st the winners were announced.

The winner of this year’s ‘High Art’ Contest and a $25.000 prize is Mike Oncley and his art piece named ‘Onjha’ portraying a young lady holding a joint in her hand wearing glasses that reflect a lively city in front of her. The creator of this contest Dona wrote a letter to all of the contestants explaining that a decision was made not to give the whole prize to the winner and give $10.000 to a charity instead, ‘My idea was to find international organizations with positive, caring missions that help people and animals in times of need. I wanted to see the love spread as far as it could go. I personally chose the organizations that the winner will select in order to donate $10k of the $25k prize money.  In the words of Tony Robbins, ‘The secret to living is giving.”

Scroll down to see the finalists and the winners of this year’s contest proving that cannabis and art come along perfectly!

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‘High Art’ Contest Winners

1st place – $15,000 and $10,000 to one of the five charities. Mike Oncley – Long Beach, “Onjha”

2nd place – $5,000. Quinnan Piestrup – USA, “Pie”

3rd Place – $2,500. Chris Elliman – USA, “Parents of the Universe”

4th Place $500. Anton Lee – France, “The Tower”

5th Place $500. Mark Henson – California, “Paintbrush Warrior”

6th Place $500 .”Edge” Ejiwa Ebenebe – Canada, “Clara”

7th place $500. Ayan Padilla – the Philippines, “Liberty”

8th Place $500. Bonifacius Djoko, Santoso – Indonesia, “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”

9th Place $500. Jacki Fromer – USA, “Pipe Dreams”

10th Place $500. Wei Su – Canada, “Believe It, Feel It, Bet It!”

‘High Art’ Contest Finalists

Stefano Ronchi ‘Carnevale’

Jerry Sullivan “Blaze”

Bojan Persic “The Doors Of Perception”

Jimmy Vaughn “The Full Lineup”

Olivia Curry “The Unsilenced Queen”

Rugile Matuseviciute

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