Artist Decorates Babies’ Head-Shaping Helmets With Cute Paintings

Published 10 years ago

Babies with helmets are not an everyday sight, and much less so when those helmets are painted with cute or beautiful designs. But that’s exactly what artist Paula Strawn does – she paints cute designs onto helmets used to correct plagioencephaly.

Plagioencephaly, or flat-head syndrome, is a condition in which the back of babies’ head become flat either due to pressure in the womb, a difficult birth or because they lie on their backs too much. In most cases, the flatness is correctable by making sure that the baby’s head is repositioned often, but if this doesn’t work, then they get a baby helmet that helps shape their skull back to normal.

A friend of Strawn’s who didn’t like the looks her baby’s helmet was getting helped her come up with the idea to paint the helmet. When the baby’s doctor saw it, he encouraged her to advertise her services. Over 10 years, she has painted over 1200 helmets!

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