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Panama Banana: A Rocking Outdoor Hammock

Published 4 years ago

Lazy days at the beach don’t need much improving on, but a designer from Lithuania, Agota Rimsaite, still gave it a shot by creating this wacky hammock, aptly called Panama Banana.

A senior product design student at Vilnius Academy of Arts also came up with a second function for her design. Besides using it to lay there on a beach in style, you can flip it and turn it into a soccer (or football, for those offended) goal.

It’s cross-woven neon pink polyester strap design will also serve those who drag their play sessions into the night, by being more visible in the dark. Clever.

More info: behance (h/t: designmilk)

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You can also flip it and use it as a soccer (or football, for those offended) goal


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Agota Rimsaite, hammock, Lithuanian designer, multipurpose furniture, outdoor furniture, outdoor hammock, Panama Banana, soccer goal
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