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Artist Creates Incredible Papercut Art Series Inspired By M.C. Escher

Published 8 months ago

Parth Kothekar, an artist based in Ahmedabad, India, is popular for his amazingly detailed papercuts. His recent papercut series are inspired by M.C. Escher’s optical illusions. The mathematical precision of geometric shapes and lines in his works is extremely remarkable.

In an interview with DeMilked, the artist told us that he has been creating paper cut art for almost a decade now. He said, “The idea germinated out of my graffiti practice, about 10 years ago, when one day I pictured the stencils to be inverted. I followed the idea and was fascinated by my own work.”

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Image source: Papercut Art

“Initially it was a hobby; once I had enough artworks on hand to exhibit them, I conducted an exhibition in Kanoria Center of Arts, Ahmedabad, displaying 84 paper cuts,” he added.

Image source: Papercut Art

Talking about his creative process, Parth said that it keeps changing from time to time. He elaborated, “Initially I made black papercuts, Then I started cutting the negative space to show the depth and made it white. Now, I am semi-cutting the paper and without removing the negative part, folding it in a way that it creates depth.”

Tools remain the same – cutting mat, ohpapercuts craft knife, 160 gsm paper and pencil,” he added.

Image source: Papercut Art

Parth also revealed, “Before I start creating an artwork I have an image in my mind, but even I’m unsure of what it’s going to look like in the end. The curiosity to see the final result keeps me motivated as my working process is very experimental, so every time I make sure to break the patterns that I’m used to.”

Image source: Papercut Art

The artist mentioned that the artwork itself is his inspiration. “The feeling is magical, breathtaking and sometimes emotional. I feel life in them,” he said.

Image source: Papercut Art

Image source: Papercut Art

Image source: Papercut Art

Image source: Papercut Art

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