20 Before And After Pics Of People Who Cut Their Long Hair And Donated It For A Good Cause (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

There comes a time in every long-haired person’s life when they feel like cutting their hair short. And even though it can be difficult to say goodbye to your long hair, there’s one thing that might make this decision a little easier – the hair can be donated to make wigs for those in need, such as cancer patients or those suffering from alopecia.

Today we have a collection of before and after pics of people who decided to cut their long hair for a good cause, and we can’t help but admire their dedication. See the pictures in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous post here!

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#1 Jaws Fell In The Salon When She Went Short Chopping Off Her Luscious Healthy Long Hair. But For A Good Cause, She Wanted To Donate It For People Who Need It More

Image source: jollychandasatinrose

#2 This Little 2-Year-Old Boy Is Donating His Curly Locks To The Little Princess Trust Because He Knows Other Children Need It More Than Him

Image source: ariyans_mama

#3 I’ve Been Growing Out My Hair For 3 Years After I First Heard You Can Give Them To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Children With Cancer

Image source: kostilicious42

Today was the day to cut them all off, send them in, and start over again. Hopefully, I can make as many kids as possible happy with a new set of hair.

#4 Spent Over 2 Years Growing My Hair. Donated It In 13 Inch Locks In My Daughter’s Name. Feels Good

Image source: KungPowChicken23

#5 My 8-Year-Old Daughter Has Been Growing Her Hair For Nearly 2 Years To Donate It To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Cancer Kids That Can’t Afford Them

Image source: thespud_332

#6 Had A Pixie Cut, Grew Out My Hair For 7 Years To Get To About 20 Something Inches. Stepmom Passed Of Cancer And I Cut It All Off To Donate In Her Memory

Image source: fvckedwithsquirrels

#7 I’m So Happy Today That I Donated My Hair To Cancer Patients. One More Memorable Moment Added In My Life

Image source: srilekha_siriu

#8 Today I Proudly Watched My 19 Year Old Son Cut Off His Hair For Those Who Have Lost Theirs From Cancer

Image source: Donna Cook

It took 2.5 years to grow the 32cm plaits. He is very unassuming, didn’t tell anyone why he was waiting so long to do it… His quiet way of making a difference. Proud mummy moment.

#9 Giving Something For A Donation Is Not Plainly About Giving, And The Happiness Behind It But Is All About Making A Difference

Image source: jajisgroup

#10 Donated My Hair Today

Image source: Jruffhouse

#11 First Photo Was Taken A Few Months Ago And The Second One Is After I Cut It All Off. I Cut And Donated 17 Inches To Wigs For Kids

Image source: josiahdavidw

#12 Did The Thing! 28 Inches Going To Angel Hair For Kids

Image source: the_legendary_shannin

#13 Before And After Photos From Donating My Hair To Angel Hair For Kids, Where They Make Wigs For Kids Battling Cancer

Image source: TuckerFarrow

#14 She Went For The Buzz And It Looks Amazing. From Long To Shaved Hair

Image source: cuts4cause

#15 My Daughter Donating Her 12” Of Hair She’s Grown For Wigs For Kids

Image source: agroyle

#16 After Nearly 5 Years, I Cut To Donate. It Basically Stopped Growing The Last 8 Months, In Classic 2020 Fashion So Figured It’s Time. I’ll Miss You, Flo-Bro’s. See You In 5

Image source: Northerncreations

#17 I’ve Had Long Hair Most Of My Life. Today, I Donate 14 Inches Of My Hair To Locks Of Love

Image source: InsulinJunky

#18 Before And After Donating 28”

Image source: sgracek11

#19 The Most Beautiful Person Is A Person With Kind Heart And Loving Soul

Image source: hyderabadhairdonation9

#20 Legendary Drunk Guy Cuts Off His Hair For Charity

Image source: MutuallyAQ

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