20 Funny Moments Of ‘People Incorrectly Correcting Other People’

Published 1 year ago

Have you ever witnessed someone correcting other people while using the wrong facts themselves? These painfully cringe moments are a huge part of social media these days and sometimes they can turn out to be really funny.

The subreddit “r/IncorrectlyCorrecting”  and the Facebook page “People Incorrectly Correcting Other People” share those weird and embarrasing incidents spotted online. Check out some of their funniest posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Bah!

Image source: Logan Graves

#2 Spain In Pain

Image source: scndaccount112

#3 An Mistake

Image source: Ekkeko84

#4 *sigh*

Image source: catfishman112

#5 Found This

Image source: catfishman112, thomas_violence

#6 And Alexa Laughed. Cortana Chuckled. Hey, Google Giggled. Siri Snickered

Image source: Paula Browning White

#7 I Live In Australia, But Apparently I Should Spell Words The American Way

Image source: Trina Selleck

#8 This Made Me Chuckle

Image source: Pers Onunk Nown

#9 Well Technically…

Image source: ikepoker

#10 Trust Me, I’m Smart

Image source: catfishman112

#11 Gargoyle

Image source: Joseph Shiphrah

#12 Wait, Mayo Isn’t Just Made From Plants?

Image source: scndaccount112

#13 Someone Has Never Heard Of Rubber Wood

Image source: Richard Halliwell

#14 “Something Like”

Image source: cmoore9693

#15 This Hurt My Head In A Number Of Ways

Image source: Jen Weldon

#16 Math

Image source: Morbobeus

#17 This Is The Level Of Confidence I Need In Life

Image source: Gaurav Vithalani

#18 Great Response

Image source: Crystal Anastasia

#19 Imagine Walking Around You Whole Life Thinking It Was This

Image source: catfishman112

#20 Homophones! Do You Know Them?

Image source: Daniela Sabau

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