“My Hair Started Going Grey At 13”: 20 People Share The Unique Trait That Made Them A Rare Statistic

Published 1 year ago

You’ve likely heard that every single person in the world with blue eyes originally descended from one individual. While there are 8 billion people in the world, some have such unique traits that despite such a large population, they fall into a rare category. 

One Reddit thread discussed such unusual quirks that make someone stand out from the rest. Scroll below for an interesting read on the rarest statistics that people are actually a part of, as shared on the forum. 

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#1 My blood is both O- and CMV- meaning I can donate universally to both adults and babies.

Image source: _incredigirl_, LuAnn Hunt

#2 I am a Black woman (product of two Black parents) and I have both green eyes and blonde hair. Those dormant massa genes show up all over me!

Image source: Bubbly-End-6156, Ono Kosuki

#3 My hair started going grey at 13. By the time I was 23 it was completely white.

Image source: Sweaty_Entertainer78, Phil S

#4 I have 20/10 vision. Almost 50% better than 20/20 and in the top .05% of people. I actually have incredibly accurate night vision as well.

Image source: s1ayerzer0, Skyler Ewing

#5 Myself and my dad both have/had 3 sets of teeth. Baby teeth and then two sets of adult teeth.

Image source: Ceddy722, Filip Rankovic Grobgaard

#6 Not really a statistic, but I use my mouse backwards. Like facing the wrong way sorta thing. My mother taught me when I was young and I didn’t realize it was wrong until like, middle school.

Image source: SirNickoBello, Frankie

#7 I’m in my 60s and climb trees for a living.

Image source: theisntist, andriusm

#8 I can shoot water out of the corner of my left eye.

Image source: DeathSpiral321, Amanda Dalbjörn

#9 I basically have no circadian rhythm.

Image source: ToBeReadOutLoud, Jamie Street

It’s called irregular sleep-wake phase and is mostly present in people who are blind or have brain damage. I have the sleep habits of a newborn baby – my life is a series of naps, and I sleep when I sleep and I’m awake when I’m awake and it has no connection to day or night. It also means I’m always tired. I’m also bipolar so the amount of sleep I manage to get in a day is inconsistent.

EDIT: I just remembered another one. I have duck feet that are caused by femoral retroversion (the angle of my femur and hip bones is off, which means my legs are rotated further out than normal), which is a pretty rare cause for duck feet. It also causes very bad flexibility issues in my ankles and hips.

#10 I have Aphantasia, the inability to picture things in my mind.

Image source: LostNTheNoise, JESHOOTS.COM

#11 I have prosopagnosia (faceblindness), a mild form.

Image source: weenertron, José Martín Ramírez Carrasco

I think this is actually more common than people think, but some people don’t know they have it. I didn’t figure it out until I was like, 35. You just go through your life thinking you’re a dumdum who’s not paying attention, or not realizing that other people can recognize faces well.

I was also the first woman in the world to do my specific job.

#12 I can bench 405lbs naturally with no support or spotter or same but 315 for 10.

Image source: Resident-Mortgage-85, Frame Kings

Please don’t downvote, I know it feels braggy but I’m so proud of this.

Edit to add, I weigh 200lbs.

#13 I was raised in the foster system until I was 18. I am alive, never been to jail, in a very successful career, own a house, and I am a great mother, and in a very happy marriage.

Image source: shay-doe, Kindel Media

#14 I’m a survivor of human trafficking. Roughly .5% of the population is currently trafficked.

Image source: Reddittttor123, Pixabay

#15 I have a family member who was a 9/11 first responder. He is listed among the fallen, having developed an inoperable brain tumor secondary to exposure to the toxic materials.

Image source: farrenkm, Documerica

#16 I was in foster care and graduated law school. Foster children are statistically less represented than any race group or disability group in college, let alone law school.

Image source: ipse_dixit11, Unseen Studio

#17 On a sour note, I have multiple sclerosis.

Image source: Spuzzle91, Daniel Xavier

On a sweet note, I’m one of the rare cases where daily treatments have seemed to almost make my brain lesions disapear in my scans now. They went from very large to barely there, and some have even completely gone away. I’ll still always have the condition and will still always need to live life on the low and slow/chill so as not to bring on a relapse, but so far I count myself blessed given how things can be with this disease.

#18 I’m 32 years out from my liver transplant and one of the rare few to have been successfully weaned off immunosuppressants.

Image source: TheRealMasterTyvokka, Tim Mossholder

#19 Only 1% of couples experience recurrent miscarriages (3 or more). We are in that 1%! On a positive note, we had a baby last year.

Image source: RecordHuman3660, Leah Kelley

#20  I’m a gay man born with no sense of style or fashion. It’s very sad.

Image source: Adcro, Godisable Jacob

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