People In This Online Group Are Sharing 20 Instances When They Felt Very Happy

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever wondered what are the things that make your heart flutter and put a huge smile on your face? Happiness can be subjective but the feeling itself is so pure and universal that it deserves to be celebrated.

Whether it’s a small bite of cheesecake or your crush saying yes to your proposal, sharing your happiest moments can make you even happier because your wonderful stories might make others happy too. That’s why, when a Redditor asked, “What’s the happiest you’ve ever felt?”, many people happily shared their wholesome and heartwarming stories to brighten other people’s day. Scroll below to read some of the best ones.

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Image source: lump77777, Famartin

“Once I was driving from Philly to Las Vegas. On one leg of the trip, I got a bit of a late start and I really wanted McDonalds breakfast (this was before they served it all day).

My clock said 10:22, and I was about 15 miles from the next exit, so I knew I would never make it. Then I crossed over a time zone and my clock changed.”


Image source: cobraCL, Ivana Cajina

“I was taking a walk in December last year when everything around me in my personal life was hell. A feeling of calm washed over me, and I started to look at how beautiful the sky was. I was crystalline in that perfect moment, and cried a few happy tears. I realized that being “present” is the only way to truly *live*… The past and the future are illusions and robbers of life. Ever since then I am extremely committed to finding beauty in every day things. I frequently feel very happy now, because I never run out of things to marvel at.”


Image source: SkyPirateVyse, Irina Iriser

“This might be weird but I keep thinking back to this and how I will never have this experience again:
I was 13, nerdy, loved to draw, grew up rural. My Grandma lived close to a big city. Went to visit her in the Summer and then went to an Japanese culture fest in said city. I was overwhelmed by the experience. Bought two super sweet Neon Genesis Evangelion artbooks.

When I went back to Grandma’s place by train, I missed the stop and got off one stop later. It was quite late already, but a warm summer night. Next train back would come in 2hrs.
These two hours, alone during a summer night with two artbooks at a tiny, rural train stop surrounded by trees and absolutely nobody else around were pure bliss. A weird feeling of peaceful, ‘liminal’ joy that I can’t properly explain.
Different happiness than love, etc.

I haven’t really told this story to many people because I know nobody would truly understand the feeling, and that would kinda ruin my memory.”


Image source: hestermoffet, Artem Labunsky

“I had recently come out of the closet to my grandmother. At the time she said she still loved me, but she wouldn’t want to meet a boyfriend. OK.

She called me a few days later, crying. She told me she had been wrong, she would be happy to meet anyone who loved me, and hoped I would feel welcome to bring them to her. The joy I felt was…indescribable.”


Image source: Mrcoolguy900, Katerina Holmes

“Me and my crush were hanging out one time, and all I could say was. “I like you… a lot.” And she just smiled and said “Me too.” Has to be the happiest day of my life so far.”


Image source: LuLzKThxBai, Anna Shvets

“Every time I see my son. The world stops and it’s just his happy face.”


Image source: AHeadlessHat, MCRD Parris Island, SC

“When I finished the final training exercise in Marine boot camp (The Crucible). Proudest moment of my life because I never would’ve thought in a million years I would’ve made it through.

I now know how dumb that was to think, but still. The sense or pride I had in myself that day is unmatched to this day.”


Image source: Feels2old, Mary Taylor


5 years sober”


Image source: anon, pxino

“Oh gosh

Most recently,

Trying to keep up with my dog and boyfriend as they ran along the beach chasing the dolphins that were in the water. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. It was a sunny March day so nobody up and down for miles, just us. The bright blue sky and glimmer coming off the ocean – the salty mist while the waves crashed and the cold ocean at our feet.

God I haven’t ever felt so alive in my whole life. It was one of those moments where I wished I could have it burned into my memory. Like I could tuck it away and live in it forever.

That was a good day.”


Image source: agent_fuzzyboots, Isaac Taylor

“when my youngest was born, she really wanted out and my wife made it to the bathtub, and she came out with my help, she had the umbilical cord around her neck and i managed to get my finger under that and free her, that first cry made me so happy.

she’s eleven now and sitting on the couch right now eating chocolate and watching TV…”


Image source: m3x_aries, Andrea Piacquadio

“When I finally felt that I’ve gotten over my depression and no longer have suicidal thoughts.”


Image source: jamie831416, Clay Banks

“The first time I kissed the girl that is now my wife.”


Image source: SadAnxiety5491, Samson Katt

“When I asked my crush out on a date and she said yes. It was the second time I asked someone out, but my first yes. I was so incredibly happy and relieved that I couldn’t stop shaking (I have tremors), I had to take an extra dose of my meds to calm down a bit. I was on Cloud9 for about a day until she texted me saying she was busy etc etc, so essentially a rejection. The date never happened, but for 24hrs I had the greatest euphoria I’ve ever felt and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”


Image source: IROBotNeverDies, Ron Lach

“Grew up kind of poor, didn’t go on my first vacation until I met the woman who’d become my wife. We went to Tennessee and got a cabin with a hot tub and some good muscadine wine. It was night time, gently thundering and raining, little bit of a mist coming in to the high rise porch we were on where the hot tub was, just relaxing, buzzing. To me it felt like the perfect setting, perfect feeling.

Tied with that, she’s the first person I saw the ocean with. Took over 6 hours to drive there, we unpacked, walked out to the ocean about knee deep, holding hands. The sound of the waves and the seagulls. The look of happiness on her face as she stared out.”


Image source: Sawoodster, Mohsen Atayi

“When the doctors told me last year my wife was coming off the ventilator that she had been on for two weeks due to Covid.”


Image source: Lets_Huff_Paint, Gustavo Fring

“I remember being in 8th grade watching a movie at my girlfriends house and we were giggling and commentating on the movie the whole time and just remember thinking I would marry her someday. I’m now 29 and we still giggle and commentate on every movie just like we did when we were kids, but that “young love” feeling is a very happy feeling for the first time, I’m just so lucky to still have those feelings 15+ years later.”


Image source: SplitttySplat

“My ex, who loves frogs to death, asked me to go frogging with her early unto our relationship, not to kill them, just to catch and identify them. Its one of my happiest memories and without a doubt the most attracted I’ve ever been to someone.

Its actually when I started to realize how strong and how smart of a person she was which combined with everything else made be fall head over heels.”


Image source: Made-a-blade, Sunvani Hoàng

“Birth of my daugther. No comparison. The little s**t just floors me every day. Today we were watching PJ Masks together and she gave me a hug out of the blue and just said “Thank you” and went back to watching. What the f**k do you do after that…”


Image source: Gozomo-Uzbek, Anna Shvets

“The day my daughter was born. 5 years trying and 5 cycles of IVF. Worth every tear.”


Image source: Trogdor6291990, Cliford Mervil

“Camping. waking up early to gather kindling and firewood to start a fire, getting some water to boil for coffee. getting ready for a hike or stroll through the woods and just being able to breathe and hear the sounds of nature. It’s my happy place.”

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