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10+ Perfectly Timed Pictures That Will Mess With Your Mind

Published 1 year ago

When it comes to photography, sometimes timing is everything. Whether it’s an accident that you happened to snap with your phone or a perfectly calculated image you were planning on capturing for weeks, it is always so satisfying to see the universe align in front of your lens.

From the majestic natural wonders when rainbows and lightning mirror each other in the sky to the amusing everyday coincidences when it looks like characters on TV marvel at your slippers, the list below presents a wide spectrum of accidental shots that are surely going to impress you. Scroll down to see them all!


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#1 Firefighter In Mexico Earthquake

#2 When The Timing Is Right

Image source: LeGaffe

#3 Bumblebee Carrying The Sun

Image source: mike_pants

#4 Was Taking Random Pictures Of My Mother And This Came Out

Image source: MuffinHatLP

#5 The Struggles Of A Substitute Teacher

Image source: DedRuck

#6 Right Place, Right Time

#7 Holy Sh*t

Image source: Trololman72

#8 This Guy’s Earbuds Made A Treble Clef

Image source:

#9 When The Timing Is Right

#10 Snapped A Lucky Shot Of A Truck Trying To Steal The Sun

Image source: Diginixy

#11 Pier Sunset

Image source: John H. Moore

#12 Perfectly Timed Photo Of A Wave

Image source: Grant Ly

#13 Suspicious Hair

#14 Perfect Timing

Image source: bestdayforpizza

#15 Fourteen Wind Turbines All In A Row

Image source: Grown_Man_Poops

#16 Maybe She’s Barn With It

Image source: Streetmix

#17 Dads Rock

Image source: saraboulos

#18 In The Right Moment

Image source: Streeb-Greebling

#19 Lightning Strikes A Plane As It Flies Through A Rainbow

Image source: flashman

#20 Watching TV With My Feet Up When Suddenly

Image source: frankieMART

#21 Seen At The Airport In Tel Aviv, Israel


#22 The Moment A Trout Eats A Mayfly And The Second Before Water Tension Gives Way

Image source: panilssonoutdoorphotography

#23 Perfect Timing

Image source: VladislavMiloslav

#24 Miss Ostrich

Image source: conancat

#25 Have Your Own Beer Towel

Image source: FCBayernEN

#26 Perfect Timing: Level > Alien

Image source: Epileptic_Ebola

#27 My Cat Has A Six Pack

Image source: j3nn1f3r00

#28 Chief Vitamin Water Surveys His Domain

Image source: BisonST

#29 Took A Picture Of My Fire Pit Last Night And Caught Peter Pan And Tinkerbell

Image source: Clongjax

#30 When You Spend All Summer With Your T-Shirt Off

Image source: uzonline

#31 I Caught A Pic Of Lightning Bouncing Off A Double Rainbow

Image source: DJ-C-Gill

#32 Dear God What Have I Done?!

Image source: stan1541

#33 I Took A Photo Of My Brother. He Jump At The Right Moment And It Looks Like He Has To Go Because His Planet Needs Him

Image source: WhatStartsTheHeart

#34 Perfect Timing At Its Best

Image source: conversingwithoceans

#35 Moment When It Looks Like Dilma Rousseff Is Getting Stabbed

#36 What Would You Call This Beast?

Image source: Jagdeep Rajput

#37 Perfectly Timed Shot

Image source: Tom Samuelson

#38 Very Unfortunate Time To Blink With White Mascara

#39 Perfect Timing

Image source: mysusualusername

#40 Dat A**

Image source: RIPMyInnocence

#41 The Sweet Escape

Image source: Richard Silvera

#42 Smile

Image source: TrailTrumpet

#43 Amazingly, Perfect Shot Of My Friend Skydiving Into Burning Man

Image source: opi8

#44 An Airplane Is Silhouetted Against The First Solar Eclipse Of The Decade, Seen Over Bangkok, Thailand, 2010


#45 Long Jump In The Sand

#46 Just The Right Moment

#47 Perfect Timing

Image source: Tina Sokolovskaya

#48 Yoga In The Park Perfect Timing

Image source: Czarvana

#49 My Brother Took A Picture With His Iphone At The Exact Moment A Spark Ricocheted Off Of My Ear

Image source: OsamaWasARealShitGuy

#50 Here’s My Best Perfectly Timed Photo

Image source: shelldog

#51 Twin Tales

Image source: Cameron Watts

#52 Due To The Chair Leg And This Guy’s Posture, It Looks Like He’s Wearing High Heels

Image source: Tripledip333

#53 Still Wondering Whether He Did This On Purpose Or Not

Image source: HogNutsJohnson

#54 Couldn’t Ask For Better Timing

Image source: cat_vlaslov

#55 Just A Pic That My Friend Took Down At The Beach The Other Day

Image source: sophielola_

#56 Strange Dirt Formation On My Car Looks Like People Hanging

Image source: koskinick

#57 What Do You Mean, What’s Wrong With Her Feet?

Image source: sableenees

#58 So I Turned Into A Toad Last Night

Image source: keehcyma

#59 This Is The Hilarious Moment A Curious Pufferfish Managed To Photobomb An Unsuspecting Diver

Image source: caters news agency

#60 I Accidentally French-Kissed A Dog At Work Today

Image source: Ohmyjoss

#61 Oh, Good. Another “Holding Up The Leaning Tower Of Pisa” Pic

Image source: dilyemera

#62 The Wind Had Some Perfect Timing

Image source: bvuuu

#63 Look At That Body

Image source: jellyd0nut

#64 The Invisible Hockey Player

#65 Perfect Moment

#66 This Sun Giving A Shoulder Rub To This Navy Officer

Image source: hmuberto

#67 Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Boats

Image source: 44oz

#68 Seafoam Splash Captured At A Thousandth Of A Second

Image source: Ger Kelliher

#69 New Schrödinger Experiment

Image source: Naruhodo

#70 Perfect Timing

#71 Did You See That, What If Its Real?

Image source: farrukhjojo

#72 My Twin Boys Jumping And Landing At The Exact Same Time

Image source: Jamie_017

#73 Best Photo I Have Ever Taken

Image source: CrashProof

#74 Watch Me Neigh Neigh

#75 Two Rows Of Judges Ignore A Gymnast

#76 Perfectly Timed Picture

Image source: Steve Black

#77 My Mom Accidentally Caught Lightning When Trying To Take A Picture Of Palm Trees During A Storm

Image source: rogerstc2

#78 The Timing Of This Photo Makes It Look Like The Policeman Is Dancing On The Crime Scene

Image source: tomchch

#79 Perfect Timing And Reflex

#80 Timing Is Key (But Luck Doesn’t Hurt Either)

Image source: onelapse

#81 Tried To Take A Picture Of The Sunset While Driving And A Bird Totally Ruined My Shot

Image source: QueenJamesKingJordan

#82 Sometimes You Get Lucky With Timing. Would Love It If You Could Draw This Snap Of Me In Sri Lanka.

Image source: ash_squires

#83 The Exact Moment Her Phone Was Lost Forever

Image source: gavotron

#84 This Dog Trying To Catch The Ball

Image source: Quarafee

#85 4-Winged Goose

Image source: Jens Birch

#86 Coming In For A Landing

Image source: TheChaf

#87 Perfect Timing And Classic Dad Reaction

Image source: burkybang

#88 That Mysterious Triumphant Ghost Caught In A Broken Light Bulb

Image source: Old_Gumbo_McGee

#89 Tony Stark’s Dog Is A Player

Image source: FrenchCanadaIsWorst

#90 Cow Jumping Over Herding Dogs

Image source: CaptureTheNature

#91 Picture Of My Daughter Crawling, Looks Like She Is Writing Profanity

Image source: foresttravestys

#92 Can You Do That?

Image source: CourtneyAllison

#93 Timing Is Everything

Image source: Reuters/David Gray

#94 Perfectly Timed Pool Picture

Image source: aarsmadenkak

#95 Just The Right Moment

#96 My Sister Passed Out At The Exact Moment The Judge Said “You May Kiss The Bride”

Image source: Kevin Kennedy Ryan

#97 The Moment My Son Knew The True Power Of The Force

Image source: mynickname86

#98 My Wife Managed To Capture The Least Manly Shot Of Me Launching Fireworks

Image source: jaekido

#99 Snapped Pic Of My Nephew. Perfect Timing?

Image source: hoRNedjew

#100 Buddha Sunglasses

#101 Eclipse On A Bird’s Wing

Image source: Andthenabird

#102 Old Baby. My Son Just As He Plopped Down From Standing

Image source: dick4d

#103 My Friend Captured The Moment The Wave Came For A Hug

Image source: Az0nic

#104 Went To A Petting Zoo. Friend Got Stepped On By A Pig. I Couldn’t Have Planned These Pictures If I’d Tried!

Image source: Rach0s

#105 Picture Taken Right When Another Camera’s Flash Went Off

Image source: dartnellephants

#106 Perfectly Timed Shot Of Godzilla

Image source: TmarTn

#107 Perfectly Timed Photo Of A Cyclops Kitty

#108 Risk It For A Biscuit

Image source: Steve Large

#109 Perfect Timing

Image source: mrPicklez70

#110 Goalkeeper Cats

Image source: sh3zza

#111 Wheel Waits For The Right Moment To Make A Dash For Freedom

Image source: namraka

#112 At An Air Show Today, I Accidentally Caught What Looks Like A Tiny Black Hawk Stealing A Child

Image source: tehtrintran

#113 My Friend Took This Picture Of Me Exactly When The Lightning Struck!

Image source: heyaitsa

#114 Handle Bar Mustache

Image source: coldcursive

#115 Surprise Head

#116 My Friend Posted A New Profile Pic With Her Boyfriend, And Everyone Took A Double Take

Image source: Summerie

#117 We Had A Crazy Storm Yesterday That Produced A Tornado, Softball Sized Hail, And Flash Flooding. My Friend Snapped A Picture Of The Aftermath

Image source: manna_tee

#118 Fauxhawk

Image source: teereximus

#119 Time To Run

Image source: Tucko29

#120 This Picture Was Taken At A Pet Orphanage In Texas

Image source: Krystalwinds1990

#121 On Vacation In California With My Best Friend And Took A Picture With Perfect Timing

Image source: Noobytoe

#122 I Took My Daughter Sleeding For The First Time. This Is Her Trying To Avoid The Ramp

Image source: theyork2000

#123 The Moment My Older Brother Fell Into The Lake. Taken By My Sister-In-Law

Image source: shaw2885

#124 I Caught A Plane Passing In Front Of Tonight’s Super Moon

Image source: Nervona

#125 Oh So Majestic

Image source: loopdeloops

#126 “We’re Good Parents I Swear”

Image source: WakaFlockhart

#127 Took A Picture Of A Stealth Bomber Flyover, Was Not Disappointed With The Timing

Image source: mimopsico

#128 Perfectly Timed Photo Of My Niece

Image source: ThumYorky

#129 One, Two, Thr-

Image source: StarVulpes

#130 I Think They Call This “Perfect Timing”

Image source: Ptylerdactyl

#131 The Waterbending Skills Are Strong With This One

Image source: paulathekoala95

#132 The Perfect Timing Of This Odometer And Trip Meter

Image source: koalainterrogation

#133 Perfect Timing

Image source: skemp311

#134 Reverse Cowgirl

Image source: gingersuave

#135 Perfectly Timed Photo

Image source: Attackruby

#136 A Picture Of My Wife And Daughter Taken At Precisely The Right Moment

Image source: Squidseatingrocks

#137 Perfectly Timed Selfie

Image source: Peshooe

#138 Perfect Timing

Image source: ltmurra12

#139 I Shot A Kid At The Zoo, Perfect Timing

Image source: saltus

#140 Perfect Timing In Aerial Acrobatics

Image source: US Air Force

#141 My Friend Caught The Exact Moment The Dog Ran Into Her Daughter And Pushed Her In The Pool

Image source: Matagorda

#142 Perfect Timing

Image source: K3R3G3

#143 Oops

Image source: Ninjacop123

#144 Took This Picture At The Perfect Time

Image source: coreyandrewellis

#145 Ever Wanted To Know How You’ll Look At 80? Just Take A Perfectly Timed Photo Bailing From A Skateboard And Landing On Your Feet

Image source: 43percentburnt

#146 Perfectly Timed Photo Of A Dog Yawning

Image source: dev2468

#147 Keep A Close Eye On The Puck

Image source: Paul Chiasson

#148 Timing!

Image source: TheRandellMac

#149 Sun Caught The Blade At Just The Right Time

Image source: yannireddit123

#150 The Lightning Struck The Moment My Friend Took A Photo

Image source: hungteoh123

#151 Caught Red Handed

#152 I’ma Kill You

Image source: SuperMuncho

#153 Thought This Was Perfectly Timed

Image source: DylanPMYT

#154 Perfect Timing

#155 Perfect Timing

#156 A Bee Flew In Front Of My Camera At The Perfect Time

Image source: luketheduke54

#157 My Friends Local Paper Caught Him Dodging A Puddle

Image source: cleggcleggers

#158 Caught A Lady Through The Train Gap While Taking A Selfie

Image source: AmadeusMadison

#159 Jack Is Pissed About Being The Nyan Cat

Image source: waffleezz

#160 Perfectly Timed Cat

#161 Perfect Timing Of Light On The Hotel Name

Image source: Kobogie

#162 A Couple Of Years Ago, My Friend/ Coworker Set Her Hair On Fire While Blowing Out The Candles On Her Birthday Cake. This Was Taken The Split Second Before Anybody Realized

Image source: MURPHtheSURF

#163 She Slipped Trying To Pop The Soap Bubbles

#164 I Framed This Gorgeous Photo Of Teddy As The Sun Was Rising… At The Last Minute, Joey Decided To Photo Bomb

Image source: rude_hotel_guy

#165 Nigel Farage Looks Like Hitler In This Photo

#166 Perfectly Timed Photo During A Mls Match

#167 Governor Of Michigan, Rick Snyder, Getting Kicked In The Face

#168 The Exact Moment My Buddy Was Bit By A Horse

Image source: jnic1324

#169 Ended Up Taking A Photo At Exactly The Right Moment Yesterday

Image source: SomeGeographer

#170 Man Has No Head Due To Timing Of My Photo

Image source: Damage_inc

#171 My Hammock Broke

Image source: robaanrobio

#172 My Friend Captured The Shockwave From The Starter Pistol At His Sister’s Track Meet

Image source: Kmb1995

#173 Taking Too Long To Take A Photo Of Her Food On The Beach

Image source: Arbayest

#174 The Timing Makes My Dog Look Like A Space Man

Image source: damnwhiskeyrichard

#175 Accidentally Captured A Seagull Stealing My Food

Image source: UnderContra

#176 This One Got A Little Greedy

Image source: dailyrain

#177 Perfectly Timed

Image source: thiagocavalcantifotografia

#178 None Of The Gear, None Of The Time

Image source: couragethechicken

#179 I Waited Patiently For Several Minutes For Just The Right Moment To Take The Third Photo… My Wife Wasn’t Amused!

Image source: Kky123

#180 Friend Snapped A Picture Of The Police The Instant They Were Spraying Him With Mace

Image source: thepulloutmethod

#181 Jesus, Is That You?

#182 Perfect Timing! Meet Benny (The Jet) And Bowzer (My Favorite Ginger)

Image source: lollieboo

#183 Emu Eating. Perfect Timing

Image source: Motorbean9

#184 Perfect Timing In Whistler, Canada

Image source: Icanrunwithouthands

#185 It’s Raining

Image source: Anne DLB

#186 A Friend Took A Picture Of Me At A Crossfit Competition

Image source: sconnie12

#187 Perfect Timing

Image source: okaybudday

#188 Jenga

Image source: LPanaflex

#189 Oops

#190 Accidental Renaissance

Image source: Wish_33

#191 One Move And I’ll Blow Your Damn Head Off

Image source: ching2015

#192 One Of My Favorite Pictures. Took Me At Least A Hour Of Shooting To Get The Right Timing

Image source: Hije5

#193 Falling Asleep At The Wheel

Image source: Och_Aye

#194 Perfect Timing Picture. He Was Fine Though!

Image source: II-Blank-II

#195 Me Falling Into A Lake In Croatia

Image source: Jake_Amberson

#196 Muay Thai

Image source: stephenleecarr

#197 I Almost Died Today, And My Mom Got A Perfectly Timed Picture Of My Dad Saving Me

Image source: OregonLumberjack

#198 Girl Gets Bit By Squirrel

Image source: LolWutTehFuk

#199 My Son Batting A Ball Back Into My Daughters Face

Image source: camerontylek

#200 First Time Shooting A.44 Magnum. My Girlfriend Was Taking A Picture Behind Me And Timed It Perfectly

Image source: kasper12

#201 Accidentally Snapped This Of My Sister Trying To Put Her Sunglasses On Today, Thought You All Might Appreciate It

Image source: ddh1124

#202 Spot The Ball

Image source: DAVID SOUTHERN

#203 Friend Sent Me This Photo Of A Basketball Game Timed Perfectly

Image source: RedBullB

#204 My Friend With Horrible Technique

Image source: bobbfwed

#205 This Optical Illusion

Image source: SolitaNQ


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