This Artist Creates Adorable Comics Inspired By His Dog And Every Pet Owner Will Relate (13 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Every pet owner will tell you that there’s a special bond we form with our pets, the type of bond that just cannot be broken no matter what. And we’re pretty sure the author of Hey Buddy Comics will confirm that too. They have been writing short dialogues about their dog since it was just a puppy. “The intense affection I felt for a creature I could not communicate with inspired me to imagine the conversations we would have if I could,” said the author.

A while ago, the artist realized the vast collection of stuff they had written might entertain people. The only problem they had was that they were kind of boring to look at in text form. “They needed to be brought to life to have the same energy and vigor as my actual dog,” said the author. That’s where illustrator “K.” came to help. Together they started a series of adorable comics that every dog owner will be able to relate to – check them out below!

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