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10 Wholesome Comics About An RPG Character Who Was Never Vaccinated

Published 6 months ago

Michael Ashton is an illustrator who firmly believes that the best way to get a serious message across is through humor. Recently, he created a series of wholesome comics about the adventures of an unvaccinated RPG character called “Little Archer”.

The artist says his idea was to make each episode enjoyable both as a standalone comic or a part of the series while telling a heartwarming story along the way. So far he has created 10 episodes and has plans for more in the future. “Whether you are really into role-playing games or not, I hope you will enjoy following the Little Archer’s story as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!” says Michael.

See the “Little Archer” comics in the gallery below and if you want more, check out more of the artist’s comic here!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | h/t: Bored Panda

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1. Give Him A Shot

2. Kindness

3. Stone’s Throw

4. Leveled Up

5. Bootstraps

6. Hero

7. Killin’ Time

8. Weird Flex

9. The Apprentice

10. The Side Quest Ends

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