Guy Starts Drawing Comics Without Any Experience, These Are The Results After 3 Years

Published 6 years ago

Need a dose of laughs for the day? Then look no further as we have a set of funny comics that will cheer you up ready just for you.

Nate Walker started drawing comics in 2015 in order to boost his creativity and get better at drawing. “When I first started out I had absolutely no experience,” claims the author of the comics, who by now has created enough strips to fill up a whole book.

Most of his comics have rather unexpected endings that often don’t make much sense. “I find that people are so caught up in the seriousness of their lives that they forget to think imaginatively. Spreading the simplicity of happiness and embracing nonsense through humor is my goal as an artist.”

Scroll down to have a giggle and get that much-needed boost of positivity.

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