Artist Creates Surreal Photos With Ghostly Clouds Lurking In Open Landscapes (10 Photos)

Published 2 years ago

Vorja Sanchèz is an artist based in Barcelona who loves creating imaginary new beings by following ‘the guidelines of nature’. As the artist describes in her bio, “Nature, in its inherent essence, grants the same dynamics of form regardless of the transcendence or size of each being, plant or element. In this way, a microorganism can have the same spheroidal structure as a galaxy or the stone of a fruit the labyrinthine appearance of the shell of some type of invertebrate.”

DeMilked reached out to Vorja and asked about the amazing surreal images of phantom clouds that she creates. The artist said that she imagined these clouds during her daily walks in the forest, and explained, “For me, these type of images that I have titled “interventions”, is just one more game, like the rest of my line of work. I like to establish a dialogue between the imaginary and the physical, and I enjoy extracting creatures from natural forms.”

Scroll below to see Vorja’s amazing surreal images of clouds that diminish the boundaries between reality and imagination.

More Info: Vorja Sanchèz | Instagram

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Image source: Instagram

When we asked the artist about how long she has been creating art, she said, “I have been doing art all my life, but professionally for around 5 years, in which I sell my art in my online gallery and I collaborate with some physical art galleries.”


Image source: Instagram

Vorja describes her creative process on her blog like this- “I try to be alert to those forms, generally of organic constitution, that I find in everyday life. In the notebook, I usually make a quick note of the basic structure, or of how the different elements that share or inhabit the same space are connected. Later, I develop it in my studio.”


Image source: Instagram

Vorja also revealed that she likes to play with various techniques to create diverse forms of art to keep things interesting. “I like to create with all kinds of techniques and elements. I always try to mix them with each other and change so that my day in the studio is always a challenge for me.”


Image source: Instagram

Her imaginary beings seem familiar and friendly as they are the result of ‘an inherent essence of nature’.



Image source: Instagram


Image source: Instagram


Image source: Instagram


Image source: Instagram


Image source: Instagram


Image source: Instagram

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