The Pinocchio Bakery In Japan Is Decorated To Resemble The Color Of Baked Bread

Published 4 years ago

I IN Inc. is a Tokyo-based design firm founded by interior designers Hiromu Yuyama and Yohei Terui back in 2018. The company prides itself in pursuing new possibilities in space design as well as proposing impressive and surprising interior ideas. A great example of that is the PINOCCHIO bakery the duo had designed late last year.

Located in front of the Oguchi Station in Yokohama, Japan, the bakery’s warm-colored exterior instantly stands out from its surroundings. And it only gets better as you step inside.

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Tokyo-based design firm I IN Inc. recently designed this beautiful bakery in Yokohama, Japan

Photo credits: Tomooki Kengaku

“The facade, expressed by the color of a baked bread, provides a strong presence to the station square,” write the designers. “Vivid gradient and soft textures that express the quality and color of the bread are spread both inside and outside the store.”

The exterior color resembles that of a baked bread

Photo credits: Tomooki Kengaku

The designers say that they took a minimalist approach when creating the interior space to offer “a sense of intimacy to the visitors”.

To offer a sense of intimacy to the visitors, the interior elements were kept to a minimum

Photo credits: Tomooki Kengaku

“An iconic appearance that can be recognized immediately from a distance and a space with soft impression through the materials and light, allows the bread to stand out, creating a new bakery image,” say the designers.

Photo credits: Tomooki Kengaku

“There must be a resonance and a creation of a long-lasting memory. By harnessing the diversity and restlessness of human behaviour and experience, the I IN team finds creative and wide-range solutions that are firmly outside of the box,” write the designers.

Photo credits: Tomooki Kengaku

“We achieve this goal by assimilating the client’s brief and vision to discover the intrinsic character of each project. Once this character has been developed and understood, a cohesive design is conceived.”

Photo credits: Tomooki Kengaku

“What I IN presents is a design that is bonded by not just fundamentally sound, but also a sublime beauty and strong concept.”

Photo credits: Tomooki Kengaku

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