20 Of The Best Entries From The Viral Thread, ‘What’s A Common Life Pro Tip’

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Since generations of human beings have lived for years and years on this Earth, one would expect that we had evolved to a point where we would at least understand some basic principles of life. But sadly, there are so many common flawed misconceptions that are still continuing on in the mindset of the majority of humans that its almost laughable.

Sadly though, the reality is we just need to keep working at educating the masses as it is literally the only way forward. This is possibly why, unsurprisingly enough a thread dedicated to discussing mental evolution and philosophies went viral when a user asked “What’s a common ‘life pro tip’ that is actually bad advice?” The most popular answers have been listed below cos times have changed folks, and we need to change with it.

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Image source: anon, Steve Jurvetson

ABSOLUTELY DO SAVE BIRDS THAT FELL OUT OF THEIR NESTS! You’re letting them die if you don’t, their mom doesn’t give a single s**t about their smell so please save them.


Image source: Shiny_eyes_over_der, Joris Leermakers

“Tip your head back to stop a nosebleed”

Don’t do that. Tip your head slightly forward with a kerchief pressed under your nose and allow the blood to clot.


Image source: jessicajelliott, jason saul

“If you can’t love yourself you can’t love someone else”
Makes everyone with any mental illness feel unlovable and hopeless


Image source: lurklurklurkPOST, Sebastian Arie Voortman

“Just be yourself” “you’re perfect just the way you are” and “never let anyone change you” are double edged swords preventing many people from growing out of horrid habits or bad personality traits.

If a lot of people are telling you to change your behavior, chances are you’re gonna f**k up your life if you dont pay attention.


Image source: manlikerealities, Liza Summer

I think the pursuit for perfection, especially in the age of social media. Aiming for an ideal 8 hours of sleep, all fresh veg/fruit/wholegrain diet, perfect study and work habits with Instagram shots of colour coded notes, expensive skin care routine, 1.5L of water a day, getting up at 5 AM for a run, abstaining from all vices.

It’s good to strive to be the best version of yourself, but the unnecessary pressure to excel at all these things seem detrimental more than anything else. I put a lot of time/effort into work and am good at my job, I have great physical and mental health. If I want to eat doughnuts with vodka shots at 11 PM, or stay up watching Bob’s Burgers until 2 AM, or skip my run and head to work, I should be able to do that sometimes. Wellness is not a competition, and an elastic band stretched far enough will snap.


Image source: ThatLaloBoy, cottonbro studio

“If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.”

Many people use this advice thinking they’ll be able to easily coast through life and are shocked when they have to face the reality of it being an actual job. When you do something that you love as a career rather than as a hobby, it becomes much more serious and has more responsibilities. Sometimes it can even lead to you hating the thing you used to love.

This isn’t to discourage anyone who wants to pursue a career in something they enjoy, like a photographer or a chef. If you want to have a career doing something you enjoy, that’s great. But you have to go in knowing that it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows 100% of the time. There will be difficulties from time to time and you won’t have the same amount of freedom that you used to have when it was just a hobby. As long as you go in knowing that and are willing to adapt and work hard, you’ll be fine.


Image source: anon, Anna Shvets

“Practice makes perfect.”

No it doesn’t. Practice makes permanent. If you continuously repeat shoddy work, you’ll just become very efficient at making that shoddy work, and it’ll be hard for you to ever improve.

Practice along with introspection, analysis, and feedback makes perfect.


Image source: Idothis4me, Steven Lilley

“You can do anything that you put your mind too.” No…you can’t. Not everyone is good at everything , and the sooner you make peace with your own limitations, the more successful you’ll become.


Image source: HouseFanatic64, Tirachard Kumtanom

If a girl has declined to go out with you, that means you stop asking her. It’s not her playing hard to get, she just isn’t interested, unless she surprises you and says otherwise. So don’t follow the “If she says no, you’ve just gotta keep trying” b******t, just respect her boundaries.


Image source: Phase3isProfit, Andrea Piacquadio

“Never give up.” Sometimes you should give up. Sometimes you’ll try your best and it still won’t work out.


Image source: Dehos3, Bekka Mongeau

“Just be happy” or “look on the bright side”. Great overall advice, but sometimes in the moment, it can be the absolute worst. Sometimes things just suck and we want to break down and cry. That’s okay. We shouldn’t be talked out of those emotions when we’re upset and obviously feeling low.


Image source: Kalaan, Anna Shvets

“Just come out, even if your parents hate you it’s better than being someone you’re not!”

No. No nono noooooooooooo. Come out when it’s *safe*. when you have somewhere else to live. You’ve faked it for this long, you can do a little longer and stay alive. It sucks, it hurts, it’s a b***h and unfair, but you’ll live.

Some parents realise they’re jerks and become accepting, some realise they were too accepting and outright murder thier child. Be. Safe.


There’s no real catchy way to put it, but the sentiment that your life revolves around your job. You don’t have to have a “career” or be ultra-successful in your field. You just have to have a job that lets you earn enough money to enjoy your life and achieve all the things you want to do outside of work.

Image source: futureantiques


Image source: ItsOnlyLava, Sofia Shultz

“Always listen to your elders” and “Old people are smarter / wiser”

I don’t care who you are, what relationship I have with you, or expecially how old you are. Anyone can be a dumbass.


Image source: nabiyonbeh, Leigh Harries

“You can’t smell vodka.”
Yes. Yes you can. And you reek of it.


“I have an idea. [Propose, announce pregnancy, come out, announce divorce] at [name]’s [wedding, funeral, birthday, birthing, reception, graduation].

No. You are stealing their attention and ruining it. If you do that, that is selfish.

Image source: FredererPower


Image source: Astro493, Rifqi Ramadhan

Anything that advises you to be a d**k to someone who seemingly doesn’t deserve it.

“be macho, women love that s**t”

“Don’t worry about your friend that says you’re mean, he’s a pussy”

“Your employer will appreciate you being agreessive and brutish”

As a general rule, being a d**k is rarely, RARELY a good idea


Image source: anon, Ketut Subiyanto

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

Absolutely wrong and super self-centered. At our worst, we’re all super s****y and our loved ones don’t deserve that. Some may not be able to handle us at our worst due to their own life stress and mental health conditions. This is just a recipe for pushing important people away.


Image source: GurgleQueen636, Emma Bauso

“Looks don’t matter.”

No matter how confident you are with yourself it is inevitable that people will judge you based on your appearance.


Image source: SillyGayBoy, Keira Burton

“Ignore the bullies and they’ll stop.”

This advice makes me want to slap a b***h. You are giving them and everyone who sees it permission.

Silence is acceptance. That is the real advice.

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