10 Amazing Porcelain Corsets Created By This Celebrity Fashion Designer

Published 2 years ago

Joyce Spakman, a professional makeup artist and fashion designer, has been creating her signature porcelain corsets for the last 2 years. In an interview with DeMilked, she reveals that she began exploring different ideas during the COVID lockdown. “I started experimenting and by accident, I designed a corset that looked like porcelain but is still wearable!”, she says.

The designer has been creating costumes for 9 years now. “I started with smaller headpieces. Nowadays, the bigger, the better and costumes can’t be big enough and have enough details.”, she says. Joyce finds her inspiration from concept art, architecture like gothic cathedrals, and historic costumes, etc. Check out some of the most beautiful corsets created by her in the gallery below.

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Image source: Joyce Spakman

Sharing some details about her creative process, Joyce tells us that it always starts with a theme. “I spend a lot of time especially on Pinterest to look for inspiration from concept art, buildings and historic costumes.  Then I start with a rough sketch and my process will start with actually making it.  This takes approximately a month for a full costume, from start to finish,” she elaborated.


Image source: Joyce Spakman

The artist also describes how the preparation for the photoshoots takes place – “When everything is finished I often also craft a backdrop, props etc to finish all the details. After that the photoshoot is planned, mostly with model and photographer and sometimes I do everything myself. On this day I also do the makeup and bodypaint!”


Image source: Joyce Spakman | Model: @liekevrienten | Phot0: @josefienhoekstra


Image source: Joyce Spakman


Image source: Joyce Spakman | Model: @via.kalia


Image source: Joyce Spakman


Image source: Joyce Spakman | Model: @iamcardib | styling @kollincarter | photography @flongala | hair: @tokyostylez


Image source: Joyce Spakman


Image source: Joyce Spakman | Model: @sabrinaclaudio | styling: @katieqian


Image source: Joyce Spakman | Model: @naomijon | nail artist: @ellen_vanberkel | latex straps: @liquid__disco


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