30 Posts That ‘Aged Like Milk’, As Shared By This Online Community

Published 1 year ago

The internet is an incredible place where information spreads like wildfire, and opinions can change in the blink of an eye. However, sometimes things don’t age as gracefully as we would like them to.

The online group r/agedlikemilk has made it their mission to collect and share posts that went stale with time. These posts are prime examples of predictions, opinions, or statements that have become painfully inaccurate or outdated over time. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Jesus F**king Christ

Image source: itsdestinfool

Dan Schneider, the creator of popular Nickelodeon shows such as Drake & Josh, iCarly, Victorious and Zoey 101, has faced allegations from viewers over the years of having an inappropriate foot fetish, and having young stars of his shows engage in scenes that involved feet.

#2 “Extremely Well Maintained” Building Collapsed 22 Days Later, Killing 98 People

Image source: sendusernamehelp

#3 Two Days Before The Invasion Started

Image source: Rotten-Cabbage

#4 Cyclists At Tour De France In The 1920s Smoking Cigarettes. It Was Thought Cigarette Smoking Expanded The Lungs And Helped With Endurance

Image source: Lepke2011

#5 Suppositories Guaranteed To Contain Healthy, Healing Radium!

Image source: Lepke2011

Back in the 1930s and 1940s people thought that radiation was a miracle item that could be used to cure anybody and improve any product. This is obviously not the case as radiation is highly lethal when used improperly.

#6 A 22 Billion Dollar Mistake

Image source: yaboiBradyC

#7 Amanda Riley Scammed Friends, Family And Followers Out Of $100,000 For Cancer Diagnosis She Faked

Image source: Somme1916

#8 Home Developer “Confirmed Homes Were Structurally Sound” 5 Months Before Collapse

Image source: Blue_Matter

#9 Prediction From 1913

Image source: usa2z

#10 News Clipping From The New York Daily Mirror, 1950s

Image source: MountianHeidi

#11 Asbestos Filter Cigarettes

Image source: Logical_Scientist221

A cigarette company added asbestos to its filters to try to combat the cancer causing effects of smoking. Asbestos is a dangerous chemical that causes cancer after inhalation of its particles.

#12 The Miss Atomic Bomb Pageant, 1950 Nevada

Image source: SpinachFinal7009

The advances in the field of nuclear physics inspired this pageant. Today this pageant seems macabre, morbid, distasteful and disgusting, frankly. It was already horrible back then but I don’t think the American people yet knew the vast impact(no pun intended) the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki had. Also the Cold War had yet to strike the fear of god into people.

#13 “These Trans People Are Getting Out Of Hand!”

Image source: Poot_McGoot


Guy who says trans and gay people are “getting out of hand” is now in prison for r*ping his daughter.

#14 What I Found On Linkedin The Other Day

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Are You Sure About That?

Image source: Beautiful_Taro380

#16 There Was A Big Push To Buy Homes And Flats In My Country A Few Months Ago…the Interest Rate Has Gone Up Twice Since

Image source: Kenyalite

#17 Eeeeegads

Image source: Selfdrou9ht

For context- homie killed his entire family two years after this picture. Her saying he is “super nice in real life” is definitely some very old, unrefrigerated milk.

#18 Found An Old New Yorker Behind The Bed…

Image source: PRY88

Wanted to make the biggest global impact for good… lost a lot of other peoples’ money.

#19 This Cartoon Blaming School Deaths On Secular Environments – Not Meant As An Attack On Christian Schools Btw

Image source: nefariousclockking

This cartoonist implied that prayer being taken out of schools is the reason kids were dying in school. Sadly a school shooting happened in a Christian school. This post is not meant as an attack on religion.

#20 Anyone Remember The Bus?

Image source: LukeofNorth


The NHS is struggling to survive, nurses being underpaid, appointment being delayed and patients waiting over a year for appointments.

UK politicians on three figure salaries are saying nurses on 30k a year should learn how to budget and cook meals, when they last year expenses came to £200,000 figure.

During Brexit they had a bus to promote how much money they would pump into the NHS…

#21 Steven Crowder’s Wife Is Leaving Him Without His Consent

Image source: EponymousMoose

Crowder wrote that tweet to proudly announce that his wife enjoys being treated like a servant and a sex object. Now she’s divorcing him because of his abusive behavior. And suddenly consent matters. Not hers, of course, but his.

#22 Spineless Media…

Image source: Kudosnotkang

#23 One Year Ago, Paul Joseph Watson Thoroughly Debunked Western Governments’ Hysteria About An Imminent Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Image source: Nekrose


What didn’t age well was: Russian invaded a few days after the mentioned video.

#24 CEO Publicly Admits She Expects Younger Employees To Work For Free. One Of Her Stores Now Faces 360 Charges Over Allegations Of Illegal Child Labor

Image source: Reddituser0346

#25 Chris D’elia Talking About Girls Maturing Because Of Creepy Older Men

Image source: Logical_Scientist221

Chris D’Elia referring to girls having to mature because creepy older guys are trying to get inside them. He was later accused by multiple girls and women of inappropriate behaviour including grooming and soliciting child p*rnography.

#26 There’s A Pun Here, But I Can’t Place My Foot On It

Image source: orange_force

#27 These Headlines Were Published 5 Days Apart

Image source: LembreteDiario

#28 Hahahaha ?

Image source: BurHrownies

#29 Once Upon A Time…

Image source: stratus_x, jk_rowling

#30 The New Elton John

Image source: pukepail

Elton john didn’t give up touring and glasses, but did give up on the lasses!

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