People Share Interesting Life Hacks That Are Worth Knowing (20 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

With lots of weird impractical hacks revolving around the internet, the term ‘life hack’ has lost its meaning and true purpose. Isn’t a life hack supposed to be simple and worth applying to your life? Hair spray tricks to clean your clothes or putting wax on the stovetop to clean stains may not be workable in real life, but drinking a glass of water in the morning can actually work wonders. After all, it’s the simple things that simplify life!

A few Redditors, Casrok, hey_im_cool, and unripe_banana, tried to find out some practical tips and advice for life that are worth knowing, and many people delivered useful information that they found to be working wonders in their own life.

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Image source: unexpected532

“Freezing a quarter full water bottle horizontally and pouring water into it, to get cold water whenever I need.”


Image source: TheChadmania

“I work at a bougie coffee shop. Instead of saying “thanks for waiting” or even “sorry for the wait” I always say “thank you for your patience.”

People respond to it better because you are thanking them which means they did something right and saying they have a good quality like patience. If you say “sorry for the wait” you’re apologizing which means you did something wrong and waiting is something people don’t like doing so they respond more negatively and annoyed. I deal with a lot of rich and entitled people so it’s important to make them feel better about themselves and I make some pretty good tip money for it so I’m cool with it.”


Image source: massivetambourine

“Filling in the ‘to’ field of an email last. After I’ve written the body of the email and checked everything. Amazing how many stupid errors I HAVEN’T sent to people since I started doing this. So simple, so satisfying.”


Image source: Ceraph-

“Well my brother told me this but he found this on Reddit. Have 6 seconds of courage and you can get many great things in life.”


Image source: troutburger30

“Drinking a glass of water right as you wake up. Feels like my whole body gets hydrated, gives me energy, it’s amazing. Also focusing on breathing. So I used to have a lot of chest pains, doctor wanted to send me to a cardiologist. I just stopped for a minute thought about the situation and began doing controlled breathing exercises. Haven’t had chest pains since. Having trouble falling asleep? Breath. Stressed? Breath. The human body is really amazing.”


Image source: greeperfi

“Someone here told me to put salt in my coffee and it really does kick it up a notch.”


Image source: _Pornosonic_

“I throw some toilet paper before I go number two. Never been kissed by Poseidon since started doing that.”


Image source: YellowWhales

“I read a thread about how to fall asleep in 5 minutes. The trick was to blink until your eyes get so tired that you can’t blink anymore. Can confirm that it works beautifully.”


Image source: sloom_

“Setting a 45-60 minute timer, getting rid of any and all distractions, and just doing as much as I can on a task in that period of time. It has kept me on top of assigned readings/schoolwork that tends to pile up, cleaning, and working out. The best part is typically once the timer is up I just keep going cause hell, I’ve already started! 10/10 would recommend for any procrastinator!”


Image source: moshiXmoshi

“Don’t put it down, put it away. Has thoroughly changed me around the house I must say.”


Image source: TractorGeek

“My son and I ride our bikes to fireworks displays, sports events, outdoor movies and park events. When the events are over, we ride past massive traffic jams and get home in ten minutes while everyone else is stuck in traffic for an hour. If the event is far away from home, load up our bikes and we drive to a location a few miles from the event and ride in, then ride back out. We make sure to be extremely careful. We don’t trust anybody. We feel like geniuses when we do this.”



Image source: Poisonous_Taco

“Clean out your car when you stop to get gas. You can just grab a couple things out easily and there are always garbage cans there. It’s kept my car clean for the past year.”


Image source: pgabrielfreak

“When I want something and I don’t know what it is, it’s water. It’s always water.”


Image source: AnalUkelele

“Ask questions. Don’t criticize or patronize a person instantly. Ask for clarification when something is not clear. Provide options in your questions. Sometimes an argument is not about winning. It’s telling about how you feel and if the other person respects you or not.”


Image source: GoBTF

“If you want to have a seat on the bus/train to yourself, when the doors open and the new people get on just smile at the door and pat the seat next to you almost inviting them to sit there. No one ever does.”


Image source: GKinslayer

“Wash dishes/pots/pans as you finish with them and never go to bed leaving anything in the sink that is dirty. Helps keep the kitchen so clean.”


Image source: Mahovolich13

“I saw this video on Facebook where they had saved vegetable peelings and ends that are edible but not appetizing. You take the bits and toss them in a pit of water with seasonings and make veggie stock. I do this all the time now and I always have the best veggie stock.”


Image source: voiceoresurgence

“If someone walks in the opposite direction as you (walking towards you) you can start walking slower and they’ll move out of your way. I don’t know why but it works.”


People Share Life Hacks That Actually Work, And Here Are 30 Of The Most Useful Ones

Image source: firfetir,freestocks

“I make lists all year long about gift ideas for the people in my life.”


People Share Life Hacks That Actually Work, And Here Are 30 Of The Most Useful Ones

Image source: [deleted],gabriel barreto

“Saying something out loud so I remember it. Such as “I have locked the back door”. Really helps you remember you did it.”

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