Book Made Of Synthetic Skin Lets Beginner Tattoo Artists Practice Their Skills Without Fear

Published 9 years ago

What can a beginner tattoo artist do to improve if he doesn’t have any pigs or friends handy? How about using “The Skin Book”, a notebook with synthetic skin pages? Featured in a video by Lew’LaraTBWA add agency for Tattoo Art magazine, it’s the ultimate practice tool.

Pages of synthetic skins show various parts of human body. This lets the artist get a rough feel of how the design would look on a person. A much handier, better smelling alternative to tattooing ham.

Unfortunately, there are no news of The Skin Book being an actual product, so it’s unclear if it’s will more than an ad stunt. Well, if the Tattoo Art Magazine doesn’t jump on this business idea, you better get to Kickstartin’.

More info: (h/t: gizmodo)

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Watch the ad in action:

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