30 Times Influencers Got Publicly Shamed For Trying To Get Free Stuff

Published 5 years ago

You have to agree that the whole influencer culture has gotten pretty out of hand. Sometimes it seems that anyone with a pretty face and a thousand followers on Instagram feels like they’re entitled to free stuff just because they’re popular. And while some businesses give in or simply choose to ignore them, others are making a stand against the entitled pseudo-celebrities.

Tired of influencers constantly begging for free stuff or services, artists and business owners are stepping up and publicly shaming them and their toxic culture. From painfully accurate retorts to funny signs, see the influencers who got what they deserve in the gallery below!

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#1 This Artist Greets All Influencers With An Offer

Image source: Shattered_Earth

#2 White Banana Beach Club Makes A Wild Suggestion To Influencers

Image source: whitebananabeach

#3 Influencer Tries To Get Accommodation For Free, They End Up Banning All Bloggers From Their Business

Image source: WhiteMooseCafe

#4 This Ice Cream Man’s Response To A Choosing Beggar Gives Me Hope For Humanity

Image source: WalterWhitesHairLine

#5 Sick And Tired Of Influencers This Ice Cream Place Introduces A Special Offer

Image source: cvtsoftserve

#6 Influencer Claims Their Work Is Very Hard, Gets Shut Down

Image source: smolprincess928

#7 The Only Way To Protect Your Business From Wild Cb’s

Image source: qsxft99

#8 This Fake Guru Has 186k Followers And Always Post About How Much Money He Makes

Image source: matthewesp

#9 D Grade Reality Cook Tries To Offer Exposure To Award Winning Restaurant

Image source: thetempest22

#10 Influencer Asks To Provided Food For 300-320 Guests For Free

Image source: scrumdiddliumptious_catering

#11 “I Guess I Just Lost The Biggest Opportunity Of My Life”

Image source: DrugDesigner

#12 The Way They Started Their Letter Is Worth A Separate Post

Image source: johnlethlean

#13 This Influencer Was Looking For A Personal Trainer That Would Pay Her For The ‘Incredible’ Opportunity Of Training Her

Image source:  Daphne Maia Loo

#14 Restaurant Believes This Influencer Has No Right To Review Their Place

Image source: johnlethlean

#15 Clothing Designer Is Surprised With Influencer’s ‘Great’ Offer

Image source: EverStars

#16 My Friend Is A Photographer And He Told Me That He Usually Gets Tons Of Messages Like This One!

Image source: Reddit336

#17 Burgers For Bullcrap

Image source: johnlethlean

#18 Yeah I Need Exposure, But Not This Way, Also I Think The Amount Of Emojis He Used Is Scary

Image source: just-anothrr-furry

#19 Yelper Is Mad Because Restaurant Didn’t Them Free Meal In Exchange For Potential Ig Exposure

Image source: richpacker

#20 “We Kindly Retract Our Wish To Work With You”

Image source: johnlethlean

#21 ‘Influencer’ Bride With 55k Followers Tries To Get Wedding Shot For Free, Photographers Destroy Her With Sarcastic Response

Image source: Betrohed & Co

#22 Likes Do Not Pay The Bills Ma’am

Image source: kashoot-me-now

#23 Why Is It That When You Turn Down “Promotion!!!” In Exchange For Real Hard Work, These People Instantly Do A 180?

Image source: revcback

#24 Traveling Blog Asks If They Can Feature A Hit Restaurant In Their Blog – Then Ask To Be Compensated For It

Image source: imgur.com

#25 Free Food In Exchange For Posts

Image source: johnlethlean

#26 Laura Worthington Of Laura’s Little Bakery Is Sick Of People Asking For Freebies

Image source: onyxandcake

#27 He Said He’d Fry My Router So This Is Goodbye

Image source: CriseBogdan

#28 Bachelorette Contestant Wants Free Rent To Be “Live-In Influencer”

Image source: Chalupa_Dad

#29 For Anyone Who Wants To Know What Happened To Towie

Image source: Closakoi

#30 New Tactic Against Influencers? He Never Responded

Image source: thenamesof

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