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Published 8 years ago

A lot of travelers from popular travel magazines and firms have formed an opinion about Uttarakhand being one of the most extensively vast states in India when it comes to culture and heritage. The culture of mountains is quite different from that of plains. The people here have their own deities, who are worshipped in form of stones, trees and other natural agents. While the major hill stations have not much charm left to them owing to rapid industrialization and development, some places like Ranikhet and Almora have managed to retain their allure over the years. These places are still as protected from human footprints as they were decades ago. The forests, the mountains and the locals have retained their innocence and purity.

Ranikhet – Of Gods and Nature

Ranikhet is one of those randomly beautiful places that are quite underrated but once you visit them, you see what hides beneath the shadow of simplicity. It is truly a nature’s wonder and the place is specially blessed when it comes to scenic beauty. Also referred to as the Queen’s Meadow, Ranikhet is rich in greenery and fauna to an extent that the forests outrun the land covered by human population, which is indeed miraculous.

With places for people of every interest, here are some places everybody has interest in:

1. Jhoola Devi Temple

The Jhoola Devi Temple in Ranikhet is the true example of the antiquity of the culture of the mountain people. The temple is located at a height and one has to cover a rather good distance to get there with the services of horses also available for those who want to opt for it. It is one of those auspicious places that is frequented by devotees from around the country.

2. Wildrift Adventures

If you are an adventure frenzy person who won’t let go of any opportunity to indulge in an adventure, make the most of your trip to Ranikhet by going for the Wildrift Adventures. Their specialties include the paragliding near the Naukuchia Lake, which is a must experience thing since this lake is sheer beauty to behold. The charges are menial and the fun is unlimited with memories that last a life time.

3. Ram Mandir

The Ram Mandir in Ranikhet is one of the most popular Ram temples in India. It is one of its kind temple that is quite huge and the location being a bit lofty, makes it a site to explore. Devotees frequent the temple all through the year.

To visit Ranikhet in summer months, it is important to make advanced bookings at a hotel in Ranikhet since the place is usually overbooked during summer months. You can also opt for a resort if you would like to live in a rather private place. The ranikhet resorts are known for their impeccable beauty and hospitality. The trip shall be at least three days long to explore most of the places that this beautiful mountainous region hides within itself. So make your itinerary now and travel to the most beautiful town in Kumaon.

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