20 Heartwarming Before And After Pics Of Rescued Cats To Make You Smile

Published 12 months ago

If you are thinking of getting a cat, consider visiting animal shelters that are overfilled with cats of all breeds and ages. All of them are eagerly awaiting to find their forever home and become your best buddy.

There is a Reddit community called r/BeforeNAfterAdoption that promotes animal adoption by sharing adorable photos of the transformative power of adoption! Today, we have compiled a few heartwarming posts that might inspire you to adopt a cat for yourself. Remember – Adopt, don’t shop!

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#1 Found This Scrap Of A Kitten Under A Bus Stop. Was Worried She’d Be Blind, But Look At Those Beautiful Eyes Now!

Image source: reddit.com

#2 1 Year Ago I Found This Tiny Kitten In The Middle Of The Parking Lot At My Work. Scroll To See Xena Grow Up!

Image source: zmeknits

#3 One Year Of Good Care And Love

Image source: brujasinpoderes

#4 My Sweet Boy, Lez! He Was Half Dead, Found In The Snow In Brooklyn. I Got Him Off Of Craigslist Lol

Image source: addieprae

#5 Found This ~7 Month Old Kitty Hanging Around My Shop May 31st. Super Friendly With Everyone

Image source: Particular_Wasabi663

Covered in grime, dirt, oil, etc. Decided to bring him home and let him live the life he deserves since he’s a good dude.

#6 People Won’t Look When She Was On The Streets 2 Years Ago. Now They Are Amazed By How Much Beauty She Has To Offer

Image source: thehowsph

#7 The Day They Were Found And 3 Years Later

Image source: Few-Comment9314

#8 Second Chance

Image source: Master1718

#9 My First Foster Kittens – At My Home Before, In Their Loving Forever Home After!! (Fostered Back In 2020)

Image source: Daisystar99

#10 Squidge Turned Up In Our Garden Emaciated And Scruffy

Image source: Muddlepops

“After Multiple Vet Trips And Looking For An Owner For A Few Months We Have Officially Adopted This Sweet Girl. She’s Around 9 Years Old And Full Of Love And Head Bumps.”

#11 Hank Was A A Heartworm & Fiv+ Feral Cat Living On The Streets. After Three Years, He’s My Office Cuddle Buddy

Image source: Ch0rdeva

#12 Found In A Ditch With Worms, Now The Most Lazy Spoiled Orange Boy Ever

Image source: cadrinnnn

#13 Chadwick 2 Years Post Adoption And One Floofening Later

Image source: Delmire

#14 This Is Doutor Before And After Adopted

Image source: 666c0rpse

“Doutor Means Doctor In Portuguese And I Gave Him This Name Cuz I Found Him In The Entrance Of A Hospital. The Pics Have A Little Less Than 2y Of Difference.”

#15 Toast The Day I Brought Him Home And Then A Few Months Later!

Image source: UncleGael

#16 Rabbit & Cricket, 1 Year Later

Image source: YoungPopess

#17 She Was Shaking Like A Leaf And Kept Burying Her Head In Our Arms

Image source: HelloYellow17

“One month later, she climbs up on the counter to greet me with soft trills and purrs every morning. (She also loves the sink.)”

#18 Five Years Ago I Fed A Stray Kitten, It Followed Me Home

Image source: Momriguez

#19 My Handsome Boy Fry

Image source: Almanoli

#20 13 Year Old Pouncer Is A Hospice Foster Fail! He Was Neglected And Ignored After His Mom Died. I’m So Lucky To Give Him A Happy Home Until He’s Ready To Join His Mama On The Other Side

Image source: ShivsButtBot

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