Retrofuturistic Art Made from Vintage and Scrap Materials

Published 8 years ago

Dutch visual artist Derek Scholte (1973) creates sculptures purely made of old, vintage and antique materials.

His artworks are made with old materials like wood, copper, and leather. Derek Scholte uses discarded materials as a sculptor uses clay, he lovingly combines, sculpts and models each material thus transforming everyday items into a new form with a new meaning.

His work tells the story of a dystopian or posts-industrial society where a large underclass can only survive by using discarded materials. His characters all look the same, with only subtle differences, a reference to the uniformity of dictatorships and the sheep-like nature and servility of mankind.

His characters share one common goal, though; They build vehicles and devices while having the dream to escape.

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antique, art, bikes, cars, dystopian, machines, Sculptures, vehicles, vintage
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