20 Times Restaurants Tried To Be Creative With Their Plating Ideas But Failed Miserably

Published 2 years ago

Would you like to eat sushi that is served on a bonsai tree? Or curry served on a tile? How about quesadilla served in a sink? Believe me, I’m not making this all up. These are some real-life examples of weird serving styles in restaurants.

Sometimes, restaurants try to get creative with their plating ideas but they end up serving their food in something so bizarre that people might start questioning themselves if they should eat the food or not. A subreddit called “We Want Plates” shares photos of those ridiculous presentations. Scroll below to see some of the weirdest and funniest things people have been served food in.

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#1 The Cream Sauce Is Already Running Off The Sides, Can’t Wait For The Gravy To Go Everywhere As Well!

Image source: DPick02

#2 Anyone Fancy Some Spaghetti In A Stein?

Image source: WellDingDong

#3 Guys… Sushi On A Tree

Image source: DesoleBitches

#4 They Gave Me A Mirror So I Can Look At My Lonely Self

Image source: Derockk

#5 Friend Of A Friend’s “Curry On A Tile”. My Dog Was That Sick Once

Image source: RKips

#6 Presenting, 4 Chip On A Rock

Image source: peachyfr

I have decided to clarify a few things.

1. The 4 chips were free with two half liter mugs of beer (~16 dollars)

2. Yes, the rock was filthy and disgusting and I did not look into the crevices to gaze upon mold central station as there’s no possible way they were cleaning it properly

3. Yes, I did still eat the chips because I was pretty drunk and very hungry

4. The chips did not taste good and were a bit soggy

5. They did not refill the chips even though we ordered 4 more beers

6. No, I did not complain because I have immense social anxiety in restaurant situations

#7 I’m A Hairstylist And By Law Cannot Use Wood Handled Brushes Because They “Can’t Be Sanitized”, But I Can Legally Be Served Food On Wood

Image source: emilyMartian

#8 My Salad Came In A Watering Can

Image source: Vampedface

#9 Why?

Image source: XxRadioRadarxX

#10 Hot Chocolate In A Mini Wheelie Bin

Image source: WiganLad82

#11 My Pasta Came In A Metal Box

Image source: sexybeluga

#12 I Love It When You Call Me Señormeata

Image source: Weird-Road-2126

#13 So Close, Yet So Far

Image source: faucherie

#14 Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese Hanging Over Tomato Soup

Image source: BrauMoarBier

#15 Raw King Crab On A Fence

Image source: fleamarketart

#16 I Have A Sinking Feeling About This Quesadilla

Image source: exponentia

#17 Tonight’s Special… An $8 Avocado Half With Salt Labeled As “Guacamole”

Image source: reddit.com

#18 Sandwich Served…. On The Rocks

Image source: ultimatebackmassage

#19 Upscale Restaurant – Serves Cocktail In An Old Soup Can. Why?

Image source: Simonsaid2

#20 Cake-Shake!!

Image source: annie_martin1

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