Meet The Rockabillies, 21st Century Americans Living In The 50s

Published 10 years ago

Whether you think they’re amazing, fashionable, fake or genuine, the Rockabilly communities living all across America being photographed by Jennifer Greenburg are definitely a sight to see.

This photographer spent an entire decade photographing people who look as if they live in the 50s. “It is not as easy as going down to the shopping centre and buying ‘a look’ off the rack,” the photographer told DailyMail – they’ve modelled their entire lives around mid-century aesthetics.

The rockabilly community has its own philosophy based on the long-forgotten values of the 50s. “We did not have a disposable ‘Made in China’ culture like we do now. When you bought a toaster, it worked for decades, and it looked good just as long. If it broke, you had it repaired. The middle of the 20th Century in the United States was a time when design was in its heyday.”

Greenburg, who has collected the clothing and jewelry from the 50s herself since she was a child, didn’t feel like a tourist in their community. “Happiness, I believe, is everyone’s primary full-time job. And living a life that resembles, visually, the 1950’s helps make that just a little easier.”

Source: | amazon (via: dailymail)

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