Blogger Turns Old Second-Hand Clothes Into Stylish Dresses

Published 10 years ago

Jillian Owens is a self-proclaimed refashionista, who chops, tucks, and needles old second-hand findings transforming them into stylish and up-to-date dresses. In her witty little blog Owens illustrates her stunning work with before-and-after photos, accompanied with sneak-peak shots of the process and her brilliant comments.

Like many other eco-minded people Owens turned to second-hand duds hunting after realising how beneficial it can be on several levels: doing good for the planet, protesting against global consumerism, saving up money and expressing herself creativity. “I was sickened by the rise of fast fashion giants who rely on unethical labor practices,“ she writes on her blog. “I could dress well on the cheap without hurting the environment, I didn’t have to support unfair labor practices, and I could have a fun new hobby!

More info: Website | Facebook (h/t: imgur)

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