Sharpening These Sakura Pencils Release Cherry Blossom Petals

Published 8 years ago

Graphic designer Hiroaki Doi turned to nature for inspiration for the Japanese Sun-Star design contest in 2015. And as a result, he made a unique sakura-shaped pencil design with a cute surprise waiting for its owner.

What might seem like the simplest idea, actually isn’t, because making a pencil in any other non-conventional shape is pretty difficult and requires a tweaked machinery. And it’s not only the form factor that’s unique about it. While being sharpened, the pencil also acts like a sakura tree, dropping its shavings which are shaped like cherry blossom petals.

To get yours, head over to the Sun-Star website, where they go for around $4.

More info: sun-star (h/t: boredpandarocketnews)

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If you’re not familiar with the hype of Sakura, you probably haven’t seen the cherry blossom in Japan.


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