25 Hilarious Illustrations Blend With Black Cat’s Candid Charm

Published 7 months ago

If you’re in need of a daily dose of laughter, look no further than the Instagram account “Studio After Cigs.” This Malaysian-based creator has taken the internet by storm with their hilarious series of illustrations featuring the one and only Pow Pow The Cat.

Prepare to be entertained and enchanted as we delve into some uproarious illustrations that capture the essence of this black cat with attitude. Check out some fascinating paintings in the gallery below.

More info: Instagram | studioaftercigs.com | redbubble.com

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#1 Love Is Love

Image source: st.aftercigs

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “When I decided to get a kitten, I had to buy everything for her. Bouche got more boxes than I did, and she didn’t even live here yet. With limited finances, and not knowing yet what sort of toys she’d prefer, I was looking at sets with a little of everything. These sets all had a small tunnel, at least one wand toy, and a variety of things for Bouche to bat under the sofa. Most of the sets had this ugly rubber-looking fish. I bought the pretty rainbow set that didn’t have the ugly fish. It wasn’t until the set came, that I realized. It’s okay, though, both Bouche and Audi are equal-opportunity pouncers. They’ve never asked their toys about their personal lives.”

axisgaymtf : “PREACH!!”

#2 I Wouldn’t Be Like This If I Knew How To Not Be Like This, Okay?

Image source: st.aftercigs

LakotaWolf (she/her) : “I love how realistic this artist depicts the “still life” elements of their work XD It reminds me of when I was taking art classes in college and would have to to charcoal still lifes and the teacher would come down on us HARD if we didn’t depict the reflections/shading correctly on glass XD”

#3 When My Feelings Are A Mystery…

Image source: st.aftercigs

meow point1 : “Maybe this’ll help. *strokes the cat*”

#4 I’m Either Too Direct Or Don’t Express My Emotions At All, There’s No In Between

Image source: st.aftercigs

Nice Beast Ludo : “Yes. Sound advice”

UnamedJelly : “to counter, the cats nose looks like a .. male part?”

#5 Sliding Towards The Insanity Of My Life With Zero Fear, Full Chill. Why So Serious?

Image source: st.aftercigs

Nice Beast Ludo : “Lol I thought “Danger” was “Banger””

#6 I’m Pretty Confident My Last Words Will Be: Cheers!

Image source: st.aftercigs

Nice Beast Ludo : “As in “Cheers?” Or as in “I am going to command This shark to eat you?””

#7 My Alone Time Is Sometimes For Everyone’s Safety

Image source: st.aftercigs

Nice Beast Ludo : “Yes. Same.”

#8 Think Twice Before You Wanna Mess With Me Cause I’m Irresistibly Mean…

Image source: st.aftercigs

Found In A Dustbin. : “Mean juice. LOL”

#9 When You Thought You Were Making A Leap Of Faith, But Ended Up Jumping Into A Bigger Pile Of S**t…

Image source: st.aftercigs


#10 Tango Up, S**t Happens In All Sort Of Unimaginable Ways…

Image source: st.aftercigs

Epsilon : “This is me. This is me and I don’t like it.”

#11 This Wine Tastes A Lot Like Wanna Come Over My Place And Judge Our Life One Curse Word At A Time?

Image source: st.aftercigs

LakotaWolf (she/her) : “Is it okay if I whine and curse instead? I have a low alcohol tolerance XD”

#12 I Guess It’s Time To Update My List

Image source: st.aftercigs

Found In A Dustbin. : “I should start doing that…🤔”

Auntriarch : “You’re gonna need a bigger book”

#13 See, I’m Polite. Do You Speak Meowish?

Image source: st.aftercigs

Princeofdarkness : “Great will meow next time”

#14 If You’re Looking For A Sign, This Is It

Image source: st.aftercigs

PrettyJoyBird : “Recharging…recharging… 7%”

#15 You Grow Through What You Go Through

Image source: st.aftercigs

Vivian : “anyone else see lion king”

#16 Ready To Watch My Life Unfold On Screen? Grab Some Popcorn And Let The S**t Show Begin!

Image source: st.aftercigs

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “I had a cat named Miles that liked popcorn. He also liked chips, cereal, crackers, and Doritos.”

#17 Let’s Roarrr And F**k The World A Paw At A Time

Image source: st.aftercigs

Aaishi : “…..paw-fectly said….;)”

#18 Guide To Surviving Life In A World Full Of Idiots

Image source: st.aftercigs

Epsilon : “Omg I want to join the FBI and if I dont get a id card like this im gonna quit lol”

#19 I Don’t Have A Short Temper, I Just Have A Quick Reaction To Bs

Image source: st.aftercigs

Nice Beast Ludo : “I want a lightning cloud with a big red button”

#20 I Am Everything I Need To Be

Image source: st.aftercigs

Aaishi : “Call me there.”

#21 One Of Us Seeks ‘Order’, While The Other Chooses ‘Chaos’… But Together We’re Chaotically In Order

Image source: st.aftercigs

Epsilon : “This is also me. This cat needs to stop watching me like come on”

#22 It Takes Me Awhile To Move On, But Once I Do, I Won’t Look Back

Image source: st.aftercigs

Vivian : “this is a mood”

#23 Constantly Getting Attacked By Life’s Waves, And My Response? “Ohh, You Tried”

Image source: st.aftercigs

#24 I Am Both The Calm And The Storm

Image source: st.aftercigs

#25 Believe In Yourself Already, Damn

Image source: st.aftercigs

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