Saudi Girl Escapes Saudi Arabia, Celebrates Freedom By Posting Pictures Of Herself With And Without A Niqab

Published 4 years ago

Even though Saudi Arabia granted women the right to drive back in the summer of last year, there’s still a lot of inequality plaguing the country. Tired of constant abuse from her family, Saudi woman Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun decided to make an escape. To us, escaping might sound like simply buying a ticket, hopping on a bus and going as far as it will take us. But Rahaf’s journey was much more complicated. The woman escaped from her abusive family when traveling in Kuwait and after a long and difficult journey found asylum in Canada.

In Canada, the woman renounced Islam and became and atheist. Despite the online bullying she received for her actions, the 19-year-old recently celebrated her freedom by posting a comparison picture of herself with and without a niqab with the caption “The biggest change in my life.. from being forced to wear black sheets and being controlled by men to being a free woman.”

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Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun celebrated one year of freedom by sharing photos of herself with and without a niqab

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Image credits: rahaf84427714

The woman said that every time she wakes up it feels like she’s being born again

Image credits: rahaf84427714

The woman escaped her abusive family back in January of last year while they were traveling in Kuwait. Rahaf booked a flight to Bangkok but was denied entry and her passport was confiscated. It was then that her story went viral under the hashtag #SaveRahaf. Rahaf said her family threatened to kill her and prevented her from continuing her education. “They won’t let me drive or travel. I am oppressed. I love life and work and I am very ambitious but my family is preventing me from living,” said the woman.

Rahaf escaped her abusive family when they were traveling in Kuwait

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Rahaf eventually found asylum in Canada

Image credits: CTVToronto

Image credits: rahaf84427714

Rahaf was granted asylum in Canada and even Justin Trudeau said that the woman is welcomed in the country.

See Rahaf’s story explained in the video below

According to Al Jazeera, Rahaf was abused since she was 16 years old. The woman hopes that her story will empower other Saudi women to escape their abusers. “I was exposed to physical violence, persecution, oppression, threats to be killed,” said Rahaf. “I felt that I could not achieve my dreams that I wanted as long as I was still living in Saudi Arabia.”

Rahaf said that Saudi women face daily oppression and are treated like a slaves. “We could not make decisions about what we want,” said the woman.

In the future, Rahaf wants to learn English, finish school and find a job in Canada.

People supported Rahaf throughout her journey

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Even more people showed their support

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