Artist Creates Sculptures Of Animals With Recycled Metals (20 Pics)

Published 7 months ago

Artists are constantly pushing the envelope, finding inspiration in the most unexpected places. Brian Mock, an Oregon-based self-taught artist, is a prime example of this creative spirit. With a profound respect for wildlife and a keen eye for transforming discarded metal scraps into exquisite sculptures, he has taken the art world by storm.

His unique approach to art not only showcases his immense talent but also highlights the importance of recycling and environmental conservation. Mock’s creative genius shines through as he takes seemingly mundane items like forks, screws, and car parts and magically transforms them into awe-inspiring sculptures. Check out some of his amazing works in the gallery below.

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Image source: brianmockart

A Nelson : “And the more I stare at it the more I’m amazed at the amount of detail!”

ToastedFroggy : “I’d love to have this in my front yard!”


Image source: brianmockart

A Nelson : “You might consider doing a show or lending some of these for a viewing to the community, this is really stunning!”


Image source: brianmockart

Sherri Steinert-brown : “Even the faces show expression that is amazing. I live I Montana I may have to take a trip to see all your works or at least watch you in the process . I love all of your pieces.”

ToastedFroggy : “Cool beans!”


Image source: brianmockart

Orchard : “Can I just upvote the entire thread with a comment? Love this work. Also, good use of parts from salvaged flood cars (potentially).”

Darius S. (he/him) cis/grey : “Recycled things from car boots to make a hill of a boot. It ain’t screwy. It kicks.”

Smalls37167 : “That is is the Tennessee state flag emblem in the middle and this piece is on display in Nashville. Amazing to see in person!!”


Image source: brianmockart

CaliCoast : “Love the utensil breast plate!”


Image source: brianmockart

Marcia Ferris : “Does it play?”

Lesbitarian Lady : “Do I see a piece of an actual guitar neck ? And other pieces of guitars too. Inspiring.”


Image source: brianmockart

Big Boi from the dark side : “I like the rustic everyday items mixed with car parts, forks and nuts and bolts”

Orchard : “Metal sculptures are popular in New Mexico. My mom had a Road Runner that I threatened to kidnap. She eventually relented and I put it out in the courtyard of the small apartment unit I live in. When it snowed its little feet got stuck on the rocks so I took it in. Come spring, I put it out again, but then didn’t want someone to kidnap it. So I put it in my back yard. My neighbor asked about its whereabouts. Love it that a neighbor is concerned about a foot tall metal piece.”

Sherri Steinert-brown : “Great idea with the colors on the tail”


Image source: brianmockart

Lesbitarian Lady : “Nut and bolts, nuts and bolts, we got screwed. Whoops, that just suddenly popped into my head. I’m seeing all of these and they’re looking like the pieces came from a hardware store explosion. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. I’m loving all of these. We want to see more, please”


Image source: brianmockart

Neeeoooommmmm : “I do not have the patience. This is incredible.”

Orchard : “Is this one up for adoption?”


Image source: brianmockart

Mary Sommers : “All of the statues are so astounding!!”

Ambry Petersen : “These are incredible.”


Image source: brianmockart

ohjojo (you/your’s) : “W.O.W!!”

Upstaged75 : “How did he manage to make metal look like a real person? Incredible!”


Image source: brianmockart

Lesbitarian Lady : “So much talent. Your works are wonderful pieces of art.”


Image source: brianmockart

LakotaWolf (she/her) : “My personal favorite… of course ;)”

Angelica Whitefeather : “This artist is touched by God!”


Image source: brianmockart

CaliCoast : “Doggo!”


Image source: brianmockart

Sleestak : “How much $?”


Image source: brianmockart

Angelica Whitefeather : “It must weigh a ton, but I WANT IT!!!”


Image source: brianmockart

Lesbitarian Lady : “Banana for scale PLEASE. Need the magic word. Show each other respect. It can make a difference. If we’re not too late”


Image source: brianmockart

Lesbitarian Lady : “Lady Liberty has never looked better”


Image source: brianmockart

ToastedFroggy : “Ooohh doggo!”


Image source: brianmockart

CaliCoast : “Looks like my sweet baby. RIP”

Darius S. (he/him) cis/grey : “When asked to sit , the dog seemed bolted there.”

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