Cookie Monster Rug And Cookie Pillows That Can Be Made In Under An Hour

Published 9 years ago

Cookie Monster is probably the most relatable of all the Muppets. After all, who doesn’t want to eat cookies all the time? That’s why ‘mikeasaurus’ made a DIY Cookie Monster Rug and Cookie Pillows! As Instrucatables user mikeasaurus put it on his project page, “This iconic blue abomination was just begging to be remade into a bear skin rug. Using blue faux-fur fabric and some other textile supplies, I was able to make this rug in under an hour. This soft rug is great for kids, and the cookie pillows really make it complete.”

As you can see, mikeasaurus has provided many pictures proving that babies will love eating cookies on the Cookie Monster. The rug looks natural, too: it looks like the Cookie Monster toppled over while chasing a cookie platter and is slowly making his way towards the chocolate treats.

Probably the best Muppet related piece of furniture you can make, really.

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The Cookie Monster is made from a piece of faux fur fabric about one meter wide. You fold it with fur on the inside. You trace your hand on paper, then modify it to look like Cookie Monster hand (short, stubby fingers), then trace it on the fabric. Use this as a starting point to draw a cut-out of the monster. Fold the fabric again, so the fur is outside, use it as a template to cut out the other hand of the monster!


It should look a little like this. Time to correct any little mistakes made in cutting and move to making the eyes. They are made from white yarn, which is bunched up, then wrapped in itself, before being made into a golf-ball sized eye. Make two of those, use stitching to hold the loose yarn end, affix black glossy button pupils!


The eyes are held together by thick embroidery yarn. First, you need to attach them to the head, and then to each other, for added stability. Remember, Cookie Monster has some crazy eyes (must be all the sugar), so make sure to make him a little crosseyed. 


Mikeasaurus used a disc of flexible foam attached to underside with spray adhesive to give the head some structure. You can also add some faux leather padding to the rug. 




The cookie is made by cutting two disks of soft beige fabric, and machine-sewed together (soft side on the inside). Leave some space on the side to turn them out, then add pillow batting to give it a cookie shape. Close it with beige thread!

Now place it in the vicinity of your rug to have full Cookie Monster rug and Cookie Pillow ensemble. Enjoy it by sitting down for some celebratory cookies. 


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