Award-Winning Animation About A Soul Meeting Death

Published 9 years ago

Coda means a concluding event, a summation. It’s also a fitting name for a short, animated Irish film about a soul that meets Death. It starts off with a bloke in Dublin who has had one or two pints too many. Stumbling home, he gets into a car accident and dies. Yet the soul stumbles onward, before sitting down on a bench, where Death, large and in a trademark black coat, catches up to him. The soul tries to strike a deal for more time.

The animation is minimalistic, yet it uses what it has extremely well. And for a grim subject, it has a good, somewhat humorous start. It had garnered heaps of praise, going as far as getting shortlisted at the Academy Awards. As for the creative folks behind it, it was made by And Maps And Plans, a small studio in Dublin.

More info: | facebook | twitter (h/t: designtaxi)

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