20 Tell-Tale Signs That Scream ‘This Person Peaked In High School’

Published 1 year ago

While some declare that high school is the best time of their lives, others may disagree. While the truth is there are some who rule high school either as a popular person or a jock, when they reach adulthood things may not be the same for them. These people may take those changes and adapt accordingly or they may latch on to what they felt was their life’s pinnacle and try to ride its coat tails for the rest of their lives.

A reddit user, u/realHDNA, sparked quite the discussion online when they asked Netizens to reveal the things that basically ‘scream’ that someone peaked in high school. From carrying on their bullying traits, to boasting about long-forgotten high school victories these individuals have made their personalities a continuation of their teenage selves.

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Image source: HoudaRat, seventyfourimages

“It doesn’t get better once you grow up” I told a sub teacher at my school that people told me this all the time and she told me the only people that say that are the ones that peaked in highschool. I miss her every day.


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I had a teacher who said “these are the best years of your lives”.

Since I graduated in 2003, every single year has been better than every year of school since I can really remember.

High school was f*****g awful and seriously depressing.

I had to work as a janitor through grades 11 and 12 to pay rent. I dropped out with 1 class left to get a union construction job.

I’m back in university now doing an engineering degree because I have worked to get my life in a position where this is possible.


Image source: Tyler_origami94, AmnajKhetsamtip

“Hey girl hey! Do you wanna be your own boss babe while working from home?!” and its just a pyramid scheme


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I used to work with a guy, we used to call him roid rage. He was very muscular, very masculine, and let everybody know both those things about him constantly.

One day I’m sitting next to him in the break room and he’s talking to me, unprompted as always, about how he went to attend an award ceremony for his son who won something regarding his football performance. I said “Well that was nice of you to go and support him”

“Nice?” He said. “It was f*****g sad man. That used to be me. Now I’m the old guy in the room who has to watch someone else win something I should have had” and all I could think was what a loser, you can’t just be happy your son won this award and be proud of him. You have to make it about you.


Image source: BFundi

I’ll probably get hate for this, but as someone who was big in HS and now opposite, seeing all the people that used to be so unkind to me get fat made me realize a lot of people peak in HS and then have babies with all the same people from the same class, and remain in the same dusty old town we grew up in, peaking by having children and sending them to the same schools we went to, and the cycle continues. Move out of your hometown so you don’t peak in HS from karma for picking on the fat person just to get fat yourself ?


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My ex stepmother constantly bragged about being a cheerleader in high school and winning a beauty walk (in a town of like 500 people). She was still bragging about these the last time I saw her. She was in her mid 40s.


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You continue to brag how you scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for your high school team over 20 years later. And now you sell shoes.


Image source: notplacenta, LightFieldStudios

a girl my siblings and i went to hs with has put on her cheerleading uniform too many times and posted on fb to show that it still fits. it’s pretty pathetic. we’re in our late 30s/early 40s


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They want to organize high school reunions every 5 years.



Image source: MissingDarts, doodiebearz

Regularly reposting the same picture of the one notable moment that they had in high school.


Still acting like a typical “Mean Girl” when they’re damn near (or past) 30

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Anyone who bullies other adults as if they were still in High School

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Bragging about high-school hookups in their thirties

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I had an abusive boyfriend. One of the things he told me was how disgusting I am because I didn’t have many friends in highschool meanwhile he did. He said he was so popular and deserves someone who was popular too. He said this when he was 26.


They keep insisting for the next 30 years that they would have taken state if coach would have put them in the game.

Image source: stumpdawg, TonyTheTigersSon


Image source: RongoNZ

Really average looking mums that don’t say thanks if you hold a door or something, or they are standing in the middle of a thoroughfare and get confused when people are annoyed at them. Imo they were high school hot so everyone just put up with their s**t. Now father time has played his hand and they don’t get treated like royalty everywhere they are awful bitches instead.

This says to me you peaked in high school


One guy I knew literally got our school emblem and mascot in a huge “CLASS OF 2010” tattooed on his shoulder.

Image source: Empowered_Jackfruit, microgen


Talking about your IQ and advanced placement classes when you umm did nothing afterwards. Like being 48 and talking about honors English. That was a minute ago, friend.

Image source: kellygreenbean, MargJohnsonVA


My sister is one of these. Most frustrating are these moments.

Her: “You were never good in math.”

Me: “I have a degree in Robotics, a very math heavy subject.”

Her: “Well, I took a high school math class that earned me college credit, so that is better than what you have.”

Me: “You are comparing one high school class against an entire college degree.”

Her: “I earned college credit.”

Me: “Maybe…at most, three hours. And you would have to find a school that would accept those hours, and you graduated over 20 years ago. What you have is pointless.”

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Image source: IshTheFace

The “popular girls” in my middle school used to tan. Like every f*****g day. Or so it seemed. Apparently one of their parents had a tanning bed and they would all go over there and do nothing but tan. I swear i had like 4-5 chocolate/orange girls in my class. We’re talking Swedes here. They stuck out. I haven’t seen any of them irl in like 15 years but judging by the few photos I’ve seen they didn’t stop tanning..

.. Every time I see people who overdo tanning or make up or put s**t in their lips i just … ?‍♂️?‍♂️


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