20 Subtle Easter Eggs Spotted In “Stranger Things”, As Shared By Folks Online

Published 2 years ago

“Stranger Things” has won so many hearts and awards since the release of its first season 6 years ago. After the release of the second volume of season 4 on July 1st, people have started talking about it again and many folks have analyzed mysterious and interesting stuff in this season.

There are lots of hidden details that you might have skipped in the recent season of “Stranger Things”. Don’t worry if you missed them though, because those fans who pay attention to tiny details have unraveled some really fascinating easter eggs for you. Scroll below to read some of them.

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#1 That 70’s Show & Stranger Things!

Image source: samyak3397

#2 In Stranger Things S04e03 (2022) Dustin’s Comment Regarding Missing Collarbones Refers To His Real-Life Condition ‘Cleidocranial Dysplasia’ – A Rare Genetic Disorder Gaten Matarazzo Suffers From, That Also Affects The Growth Of His Teeth

Image source: Piff_Pav

#3 Max Escaping Vecna Thanks To “Running Up That Hill” By Kate Bush Isn’t The First Time Music Has Been Used To Defeat Creatures From The Upside Down. In Season 2, Jonathan Notably Played Will’s Favorite Song “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” By The Clash While He Was Possessed By The Mind Flayer

Image source: Netflix

#4 Neat Detail: The Rainbows On Half Of The Rainbow Room Are Upside Down

Image source: drflanigan

#5 When Victor Creel Is In His Cell And Scratching His Fingernails On A Desk, It Is A Purposeful Nod To Freddy Krueger, Who Robert Englund Notably Portrayed. It Was Meant To Represent Freddy’s Razor-Sharp Blades Attached To His Fingers

Image source: Netflix

#6 Spoilers: A Small Detail You May Have Missed… Just In Case You Wanted To Cry Again

Image source: CallMeHollywood

#7 In Episode 6 Of Stranger Things 3, Murray’s Phone Number Is Revealed On Screen. It’s A Working Number In The Reality, And When You Call You Get Put Through To Murray’s Voicemail

Image source: Aipy55

#8 In Stranger Things The Book Dustin’s Girlfriend Is Reading Shown Here Is Called “A Wizard Of Earthsea” Which Is About A Young Person With Magic Powers Who Accidentally Releases An Evil Being Into The World

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Winona Ryder Provided 1980s Fact Checks On Stranger Things And Even Got Script Changes For Period Accuracy

Image source: wikimedia.commons

#10 Cool It Easter Egg In Stranger Things 2

Image source: EpicMusic13

#11 It Was Improvised

Image source: strangerwriters

#12 On The Left: Scene From The First Season Of Stranger Things, Set In 1983. On The Right: Me, Wearing The Exact Same Shirt In 1983

Image source: alfredoduenasjr

#13 Nancy’s Fake Resume Says She Was A “Youth Worker” In The Years She Spent Helping Her Little Brother And His Friends Save The World

Image source: netflix

#14 When Nancy And Robin Are Shown “The Listening Room” At Pennhurst, You Can Spot The Names Of Songs On The Chalkboard. All Of The Songs Deal With Dreams, Which Links To Vecna And The Ongoing Theme Of Nightmares And The Fact That Songs Save People From Vecna

Image source: Netflix

#15 In Episode 3, After The Party, Nancy Calls Barb’s Mom To Ask If Barb Made It Home Last Night, And Then Lies About Her Being At The Library. In Episode 8, Hopper And Joyce Enter The Upside Down And Find Barb’s Corpse In The Public Library

Image source: candy_cake

#16 In The Stranger Things Episode ‘Chapter Three: The Pollywog’ (S2e3), If You Look Closely At Mr. Clarke’s Town Model, You Can See The Betelgeuse Tombstone From Beetlejuice (1988) – A Nice Little Nod To Series Star Winona Ryder, Who Had Her First Breakout Role As Lydia Deetz In That Film

Image source: VictorBlimpmuscle

#17 When Dustin Calls Steve From The Phone Booth At School, You Can See That Someone Wrote “E.t. Phone Home,” Which Is A Nod To Steven Spielberg’s E.t. The Extra-Terrestrial From 1982. Spielberg’s Films Have Had A Big Influence On Stranger Things Too

Image source: Netflix

#18 While Playing Dungeons And Dragons, Dustin Tells Eddie, “Never Tell Me The Odds,” Which Is A Reference To Han Solo’s Line In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Which Came Out In 1980

Image source: Netflix

#19 When Eleven And Will Go To School With Their Class Projects, You Can See That Will Did His On Alan Turing, A Code-Breaker During World War II. This Is Also A Notable Easter Egg Because Alan Turing Was Notably Prosecuted For Being Gay, And There Have Been Fan Theories Suggesting Will Is Too

Image source: Netflix

#20 A Little Detail That No One Remembered

Image source: Beneficial_Syllabub7

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