This Artist Turned Body “Flaws” Into Art With A Message, And It Made People Angry

Published 7 years ago

With all that’s been done over the years to get rid of unnecessary stereotypes and stigmas about our bodies, there is still a lot of work to be done. And many women could testify that they had to hide and were shamed for having stretch marks, scars, and even about the menstruations.

This notion got the 21-year-old Barcelona-based artist, Cinta Tort Cartró, to fight back against the prejudice by coloring those completely natural imperfections with rainbow colors.

“Stretch marks are part of our essence, our moments, our lives, our stories and us,” Cartró wrote on Instagram. “To accept all this is to accept your roots, your history, everything in it and, after all, accept yourself.”

The artist decided to give this problem a voice because of her own bumpy road to self-love, and even despite some negativity in the reception of her works, hopefully, it will inspire more people to appreciate themselves even with their flaws.

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Spanish artist Cinta Tort Cartró is using rainbow paint to change the way women see their bodily ‘imperfections’

She beautifies stretch marks, periods, and other things women are routinely made to feel ashamed of

Inspired by her own difficult path to self-love, Cartró promotes the acceptance of our bodies, flaws and all

“To accept all this is to accept your roots, your history, everything in it and, after all, accept yourself”

Though some people didn’t quite get what she was trying to say

But thankfully, many did found this inspiring, especially other women

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