Stunning Impressionistic Embroidered Works, Created By Cassandra Dias

Published 2 years ago

Cassandra Dias is a Southern California-based artist who started learning embroidery in January 2020. In an interview with DeMilked, she reveals, “I had this old bag of vintage DMC embroidery floss which had been collecting dust in a closet for years. I decided to pull it out one day because, initially, I just wanted to add a small design to my son’s denim jacket. Then Covid hit and started gaining speed, and places were shutting down. During that time, embroidery provided a relaxing creative outlet for me, and I ended up falling in love with the mindful process of stitching.”

The artist has recently found inspiration in antique oil paintings and applied it to her embroidered works. She further elaborates “Once I find a piece [of an antique oil painting] that really speaks to me, I create a rough sketch of it on my fabric, collect all my colors, and get to stitching.” Check out some of her brilliant works in the gallery below.

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Image source: Cassandra Dias

The artist had always been interested in different art forms since childhood and had taken various classes throughout high school and college. “I’ve worked with many different mediums- some of which include acrylic, watercolor, and oil paints, clay, and the mixed media art of collage, and, during a period when I was spending so much time at home, I felt like trying my hand at something new,” she says.


Image source: Cassandra Dias

“I try my best to do the original piece justice through my interpretation of it with my threads, and it gives me so much satisfaction to bring new life to an old (and oftentimes forgotten) work of art,” adds the artist.


Image source: Cassandra Dias


Image source: Cassandra Dias


Image source: Cassandra Dias


Image source: Cassandra Dias


Image source: Cassandra Dias


Image source: Cassandra Dias


Image source: Cassandra Dias


Image source: Cassandra Dias

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