The Art of Camouflage by Liu Bolin

Published 13 years ago

Meet Liu Bolin, the real-life Invisible Man from China, an artist with the ability to disappear in virtually any surroundings. It isn’t easy though – one single photo  can takes up to 10 hours to prepare. Liu uses himself as a blank canvas, and with some help from an assistant, he paints his body to merge as seamlessly as possible with what is behind him.

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1. Graffiti Wall

2. Road Block

3. Suo Jia Village – Morden China

4. Arles

5. Brick Wall

6. Chinese Garden

7. Shooting

8. Train

9. On The Ground

10. Ruins

11. USA Flag

12. Hiding In The City

13. On The Road

14. City Hiding

15. Provisional Wall

16. Steps

17. Car

18. Bricks

19. People’s Police

20. Government Finance information Board

21. Castelvecchio’s Bridge

22. City

23. Supermarket

24. Piazza San Marco

25.Teatro Alla Scala

26. Bird’s Nest

27. Telephone

28. Teatro Alla Scala

29. Duomo Di Milano

30. Forklifts

31. Venice

32. Venice #2

33. Brick Wall

While his camouflage artworks are really mind blowing, he’s here with a message: “The situation for artists in China is very difficult and the forced removal of the artist’s studio is in fact my direct inspiration of this series of photographs, Hiding In The City…I am standing, but there is a silent protest, the protest against the environment for the survival, the protest against the state.”

Teatro Alla Scala

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