40 Times Something Was Accidentally Hidden In Plain Sight

Published 8 months ago

There are optical illusions and accidental camouflages that can fill us with joy for no apparent reason other than that it pleases us visually. 

Scroll below for a most satisfying collection of such images where a person, object or animal blends in so perfectly with their surroundings that it makes you do a double take just to figure out exactly what’s going on. 

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#1 Mother With A Calf

Image source: leo_pfffr

NewmanOreo Cow is the scientific term.

#2 A Very Hairy Wedding Dress

Image source: VisDev82

GREYNOOKdamn for one second i thot it was real 😂🤣😆

#3 This Chair Leg Blends In Very Well

Image source: toeofcamell

David A PatersonSomeone spilled a coffee cup. No, two coffee cups, no …

#4 I Didn’t Think I’d Actually Lose In A Hide A Seek Game With My Nephew. Told Him To Pose For A Pic

Image source: NOCHNOY_

EmilyA very clever nephew!

#5 I Painted At My Favorite Stream Today. I Think It Blends In Pretty Well

Image source: bunkerbash

#6 Blessed Persian Carpet

Image source: banfora

PlatinumThe8-BitCatWhy is the carpet purring?

#7 My Shirt Perfectly Camouflages Me In This Bed Of Flowers

Image source: sway_forth

#8 This Levitating Dirt Bike

Image source: mickeyslim

#9 Parent’s Dog On The Nearly Identical Rug

Image source: Psydreus

#10 This Lizard’s Perfect Tree Bark Camouflage

Image source: asilvertintedrose

PlatinumThe8-BitCat: Can someone please help me find it

Kali Chaos: See the knot on the right? Directly opposite on the left, you can barely make out an eye and snout. Right above that, the V shaped moss is an elbow. It took me a hot minute.

#11 Aligned Shoes’ And Escalator’ Stripes

Image source: Xingua92

Newman: This person just trying to lose their feet.

#12 Little Nyko Is The Reason I Can’t Just Jump Into Bed Anymore Without Thoroughly Scanning The Blanket First

Image source: moodymystik

#13 This Is Aspen. She’s Visiting A Friend’s House For Dinner, But After Seeing The Rug She Thinks It’s Time To Leave. 13/10 Would Start The Car

Image source: dog_rates

#14 Almost Sat On My Dog Accidentally

Image source: Jk_dragonght


#15 Strangely Satisfying

Image source: Hormander

#16 My Friend’s Outfit Exactly Matched My Coffee Cup Today

Image source: Brentusfirmus

#17 Office Camouflage

Image source: winter_storm

XenonThat outfit is…..something.

#18 I Tried To Take A Photo Of A Small Cat Whilst I Was About To Leave For My Doctor’s Appointment

Image source: Crustynutbutter

#19 My Husband Ken Found A Mini Plastic Version Of Himself At HomeGoods

Image source: mizzroberts

#20 A Cat That Plays Too Many Stealth Games

Image source: reddit.com

#21 Just A Mat, Nothing More

Image source: urkelnsfw

UndercoverTripping hazard 🫣

#22 Had No Idea My Wife Was Partly Dog

Image source: mepfeiff

mulk (edited): kind of centaur`? a Dogtaur? [edit: misspelling, wrote “Dagtaur”]

#23 The Truck In Front Of Us Lined Up Perfectly With The Mountains

Image source: SugmaDoink

#24 A Few Years Ago I Caught The Fog Blending Almost Seamlessly With The Water

Image source: Kubikake

#25 A Feral Kitty Sleeping In Our 50-Year-Old Tree Trunk

Image source: bl4ck-lizard

#26 My Brother Was Joking About How He Dresses Like A 5-Year-Old. Then He Found This

Image source: dm919

#27 I’m Waiting To Bloom

Image source: PerspectiveFriendly

Newman: A pussy willow?

#28 Guy Learning To Snowboard

Image source: DomTrapGFurryLolicon

#29 The Void Has Such A Good Camouflage. So Many Potential Pounce Places

Image source: Chippedforsafety

#30 Sheer Coincidence

Image source: Khapoya

#31 My Wife And I Were Quite Happy About Our New Rug Purchase. Sadly, Though, Our Dog Ran Away The Same Day

Image source: madbaddangerous2know

NinaThat’s really a danger to step on like that 😮

#32 My Girlfriend’s Cat That Blends Into His Bed

Image source: Comfortable_Funny91

#33 Pic My Husband Took Of Me Passing Him A Pencil

Image source: kitschier

#34 My Handsome Boy Using Camouflage At The Vet

Image source: catjesuslol

WoltaxTook me a minute.😄

#35 A Snowy Owl And An Owl Made Of Snow

cerinamrothReal owl looks very annoyed at the p**s-take!

#36 Tricky One

Image source: sharpdressedcrayon

BolsI do and it’s so cute <3

#37 My Dog’s Camouflage Game Is Spot On

Image source: binarysmart

#38 I No Longer Have A Cat, Just Two Croissants

Image source: _Gree

Warpath81One is flakey one is fakey

#39 Bet You Can’t Tell Which One Is A Real Dog

Image source: PoonSwoggle

#40 My Dad Burnt A Pancake So Bad It Camouflages With The Black Pan

Image source: sms42069

PlatinumThe8-BitCatWhat pancake?

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