20 Sassy Tweets From The “Scent Of Sarcasm” IG Page For Those Who Appreciate Wit Or Satire

Published 12 months ago

When life feels blue, sarcasm to the rescue. Who doesn’t love an ironic or witty post?  Since the 90s, when Chandler Bing burst onto the pop culture scene with his unique brand of sarcasm, we have absolutely been in love with this comedy genre. 

The adulation for sarcasm is so vast that there are multiple pages and accounts that are dedicated to celebrating the most sarcastic memes of all time. Today, we explore the ‘Scent of Sarcasm’ Insta page. So scroll below for an amusing collection of posts from their page in the gallery below. 

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Image source: scentofsarcasm


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Image source: scentofsarcasm


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Image source: scentofsarcasm


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