People On Twitter Share 30 Examples Of “Stuff That Should Not Exist”

Published 3 years ago

Not all things are created equal, and some are undoubtedly more useful than others. In fact, some of them are so useless, there’s no good reason why they should have been created in the first place.

Fed up with the uselessness or overall ridiculousness of some things, someone on Twitter started the #StuffThatShouldNotExist hashtag that ended up going viral. Soon enough people from all over the world started sharing some of the most useless stuff they’re tired of seeing, and we can’t help but agree. From carpeted bathrooms to food flavored drinks, check out a collection of things that shouldn’t exist in the gallery below! And just in case useless inventions are your thing, check out these funny inventions by Matt Benedetto here and here!

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#1 Carpet Bathrooms

Image source: sorairodj

#2 “LED Headlights Are Basically Brights. Talk About Being Blinded By The Lights…”

Image source: petro_lauren

#3 “These Containers That The Entire World Can Hear You Opening”

Image source: RewardingGrin

#4 Twinkle Tush For Cats

Image source: GeneralCattis

#5 “This Monstrosity…”

Image source: sharanya_saha_

#6 Covid-19

Image source: YuGiOhV35

#7 Crocs High Heels

Image source: senpaiyessir

#8 Plastic

Image source: carlodorrito

#9 Food-Flavored Sodas

Image source: personaugratin

#10 Car Lashes

Image source: RadicalGayLefty

#11 This Dog Carrier

Image source: HashtagLarkyn

#12 Dentures Hair Combs

Image source: ThemDems

#13 This Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow

Image source: pixiebibliophi1

#14 One Whole Chicken In A Can

Image source: Royale_tea1

#15 Food Flavored Cotton Candy

Image source: Linda9180

#16 Canned Bread

Image source: KissKawaii

#17 “Have A Picnic Anywhere. Picnic Pants”

Image source: anet2111

#18 Vampire Period Pads

Image source: Crap_Locker

#19 Murder Hornets

Image source: iamdanlevey

#20 Denture Earrings

Image source: TheSeaRose

#21 “Whatever The [Fudge] Is Happening Here”

Image source: sighsqueen1

#22 “Stuffed Animals That Give Children Nightmares”

Image source: personaugratin

#23 Swedish Fish Oreos

Image source: Joonde_

#24 Socks With Sandals

Image source: SaucyWalker63

#25 Underpants For Your Hands

Image source: causticbob

#26 Umbrellas For Shoes

Image source: FlindersEmma

#27 “This Tape Dispenser”

Image source: asamples333

#28 “Blue Maple Syrup. Even If It Feels Fun”

Image source: robinstillrocks

#29 “I Present You Some Of The Most Cursed Things I’ve Ever Come Across”

Image source: fchadfallout76

#30 Peeps Flavored Pepsi

Image source: ChrisTheScotian

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