Instead Of Throwing Out Old Cardboard Boxes, People Are Turning Them Into Amazing Cat Forts (20 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Every cat owner will tell you that you can spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy cat house only for your pet to be more interested in the box it came in. Realizing this fact, some creative cat owners started building amazing cat forts out of cardboard boxes, saving money, and reducing waste at the same time.

Cat owners are sharing the most impressive cardboard forts they’ve built for their cats and they might inspire you to build one for your furry friend too. From sniper towers to medieval castles – check out some of the most creative cat houses made from cardboard in the gallery below! And if you want more, check out these creative cat tanks by SUCK UK here!

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Image source: naver


Image source: prefabcat


Image source: skar1983


Image source: mnhaverland


Image source: DodderingCommandant97


Image source: prefabcat


Image source: halfasleepchris


Image source: princepeachblossom


Image source: zephito


Image source: tiicky


Image source: Nat_Log3982


Image source: erbn



Image source: prefabcat


Image source: MaineC00n


Image source: TheRealTourner


Image source: SwitchToDecaf


Image source: catsandclavicles


Image source: MafHoney


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