20 Macro Photographs Revealing The Unseen Side Of Everyday Items

Published 3 years ago

Csaba Horvath is a Hungarian photographer who reveals the hidden side of everyday items through his mesmerizing macro photographs. He first tried out macro photography back in 2012, and has since produced numerous stunning images that will make you see some common things from a whole new perspective.

The photographer says that looking at things from a close perspective makes the world really interesting. “Drops on a DVD disc, bubbles in a water bottle, concrete, electronic components, mechanical instruments… all of that can look very different from normal when you get closer, says the Csaba. Check out some of his breathtaking photographs in the gallery below!

More info: Facebook | kilatasgaleria.blog.hu

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The mini-universe of a shampoo bottle.


Water drops on a DVD disc, exposed to sunlight.


This happens if a drop of water gets into your phone’s USB connector and simply dries out. It destroyed (oxidated) some of the connector’s pins which were soldered to the phone’s mainboard – this is the backside of the connector.

Macro can be very useful for documenting electronic repairs, I often use it when I’m repairing stuff.


Miniature city of a broken LCD screen.


These are also drops in a water bottle.


Drops in a water bottle, reversed lens, with the aperture wide open, and sunshine.


Plastic jewels on a Christmas decoration.


Bubbles in a hand sanitizer.


Tip of a sewing needle.


An RGB LED…but it’s actually B-R-G.


Broken phone screen.


Network – bubbles in a soap bottle.


Not a real macro: water bottle on direct sunlight, photographed from up-close.


Jewel bearings…


Fujitsu MBM27C32 EPROM chip. EPROMs are programmable, erasable ROM memories, widely used in the ’70s and ’80s. They can be erased with UV light, so they have a small glass over the chip itself…


Also drops in a bottle, but with flash… I really don’t know how the flower pattern got there – can be the reflection of the manufacturer’s logo.


HDD heads on both sides of a disc.


Clockwork (pocket watch).



Tip of a needle used in electrical testing equipment. It’s only a little broader than a sewing needle’s head.

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