Animals, People And Everyday Objects Merged Together In Surreal Illustrations By Redmer Hoekstra

Published 10 years ago

Netherlands-based artist Redmer Hoekstra creates fascinating alternative realities  and masterfully merges animals, people and everyday objects or machines in his surreal drawings. The artist pinpoints the obvious and unleashes unexpected associations between living beings and material items.

Hoekstra beautifully juggles his subjects, deciding which one of them will subordinate the other – the process seems to be the spontaneous work of a wild imagination.

I find my inspiration riding the train or on the road, where my mind can float through the landscape and new connections between things appear,” says Hoekstra. “A philosophical view of the world and myself. Who am I? What is my reality and how do I get to decide how it looks and works?

Source: | BehanceTumbrl | Pinterest | Flickr (via)

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