Thousands Of Dots Form Incredibly Meticulous Drawings

Published 9 years ago

“Dot dot dot” isn’t just a way for teens to end their sentences, it’s also an art style, one that Kyle Leonard readily enjoys. His artwork is surreal, featuring animals and mundane materials, all of them have strange forms, engaged in strange behavior. These dotted black and white worlds are peaceful more often than not, something we don’t always see in the black and white works we post!

“Pointillism is my method of madness,” Kyle Leonard said for an online magazine. Although we have to point out that using dots to paint shapes and shadows is more often called stippling. “I am mainly inspired by the natural world and politics, especially the politics that effects the way we treat the environment. I draw everyday as a creative outlet and for the meditative quality of it,” commented Leonard, who even has his own vegetable garden. .

More info: kyleonard.cominstagram | society6 | deviantart (h/t: boredpanda)

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“I am mainly inspired by the natural world and… the way we treat the environment”


“I spend about 6 to 100 hours on each piece depending on size and complexity”


“I draw everyday as a creative outlet and for the meditative quality of it”


“My main method of drawing is stippling but I also use cross hatching”


“I am inspired by many different artists like Escher, Haeckel, and street artists like Alexis Diaz and phlegm”


“Advice, trust your creative instincts when you are creating and let it happen”


“Create what you enjoy creating not what you think others will appreciate”


“Most of all practice your craft”


“No one is born an amazing artist”


“They are made through years of practice and patience”



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