Octopus High-Heel Shoes That Let You Walk On Tentacles

Published 9 years ago

Release the shoe kraken! That’s how we imagine the introduction of the Polypodis went. Designed by Kermit Tesoro, these are high-heels without actual heels. The shoe is made from multiple intertwined tentacles, which will make your foot like the Nautilus on a particularly bad leg of the journey. Or you can imagine yourself like a sea princess on the hunt for Namor, Poseidon or Neptune.

Heel-less high platform shoes are a staple of Tesoro’s creative work. This Filipino designer has made some of the weirdest shoes we’ve ever seen. “The implications of his cerebral and dark tendencies are not the primary source of inspiration but rather a reference rooting towards from his inclinations or even frustrations in arts, science, psychology, religion and his childhood fixations,” Tesoro explained on his website. “In short, all of the aesthetics shown on his works are just an intersection of his self advocacy on technology and unconventional materials translated in fashion context.”

More info: instagram | facebook (h/t:  laughingsquid)

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Some of his earlier creations:







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