The Little Prodigal Town of Kota: Main Attractions

Published 8 years ago

A standout amongst the most dynamic and beautiful cities in the state of Rajasthan, Kota is an intriguing traveler destination, situated on the banks of the river Chambal. It is known for the City Fort palace which is its primary attraction. With India’s oldest mountain range in the backdrop, a passing view of the golden sand dunes, a tiger trail, and some bird watching, Kota is a riot of traditions and heritage, woven in a gilded string of history. Come, take a look at this yet another Rajasthani gem.

Being a close cousin of Jaipur, one can very easily take a direct Jaipur to Kota train, if you are on a Rajasthan exploration trip. Otherwise, being a major railhead on the Delhi-Mumbai route, there are trains from Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai, apart from Jaipur, that halt at Kota’s railway station. Easy! Now, take a look at the most sought after sites that you must tour around while in Kota.

City Fort Palace

One of the biggest fort edifices in Rajasthan, the City Fort Palace is a mix of Mughal and Rajput architecture. The floors and dividers are made of marble while the roofs are made of glass. The fundamental fascination of the royal residence is the Hathi Pol, or the elephant door, built in the seventeenth century. The museum in this royal residence showcases weapons and different antiques from the Rajput time. So for a history lover, whose motive in life is to brush off the dust from the artefacts of the past, the City Fort Palace is the ideal spot.

2. Kishore Sagar Lake

Kishore Sagar is a beautiful lake going back to 1346. Although artificial, the lake was developed by the Bundi Prince Dehra Deh and is situated by the side of the alluring Brij Vilas Palace museum. A palace named as Jagmadir is situated at the heart of this exhibition hall. The captivating royal residence is a red sandstone landmark, depicting the the glorious days of Kota. The reflections that can be seen of this gorgeous palace in the sky blue water of the Kishore Sagar Lake are just out of the world. Photo fanatics, this is one opportunity to capture that perfect shot!

3. Chambal Gardens

The Chambal Gardens is situated at Amar Niwas, on the banks of the Chambal River, two kilometers south of the Kota Fort. This spot expands across a large area, and is implied for both children and grown-ups. Considering its colorful gardens and a pleasant setting, the Chambal Gardens is known to be a perfect spot for family picnics. Right in the heart of this garden, there is a lake that houses a few crocodiles and a suspension bridge overhead. If lucky, then you can even spot some Gharials in this lake.

4. Seven Wonders Park

A recently addition to the list of attractions in Kota, the Seven Wonders Park has imitations of the Seven Wonders of the World, including our very own Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Rome’s Colosseum. This park is situated beside the Kishore Sagar and looks spectacular in the evenings with the wonders, all decked up with beautiful lighting.

5. Baroli

Baroli is situated on the course that prompts Rana Pratap Sagar from Kota. It offers a tranquil and quiet setting. The Ghateshwara Temple is the main temple of Baroli and contains detailed carvings. It is one of the oldest and most wonderful temple structures in Rajasthan. A picture of Lord Shiva or Nataraja enhances the main gate of the “mandap” and the columns are a spectacular representation of the Rajasthani craftsmanship.

So get an intimation of the PNR status of your train to Kota, and get set for a culturally sound trip to one of the stupendous diamonds of Rajasthan.

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